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How To Use Matcha Collagen (Plus, 7 Recipes To Get You Started)

If you have yet to try matcha, you’re missing out. And if you’re already a big green tea drinker and still haven’t poured yourself a cup of matcha, then you’re really missing out. We’re here to break down the antioxidant-rich beverage.

How To Use Matcha

First things first, let’s explain what matcha is. Matcha is an antioxidant-rich powder of finely-ground green tea leaves. It contains L-theanine, an amino acid that provides an “alert calm” in matcha drinkers, rather than a “jolt,” which is a side effect of other morning beverages. Matcha is naturally caffeinated, but because of its addition of L-theanine, matcha drinkers don’t experience a “crash” hours after drinking it.

Vital Proteins® Matcha Collagen combines the benefits of matcha green tea, which we source from Japan, with the health and beauty benefits of our hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides. Our Collagen Peptides is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide, and helps to support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.** This powerhouse duo — our Matcha Collagen! — is a must-have for any beauty or wellness seeker. We also offer a peach flavor if you’re looking to try something new. 

So, how to take matcha? It’s easy. Beginners mix 1-2 scoops (our recommended serving size) into hot water. But if you’re looking to branch out, you’re in luck. Adding in our Matcha Collagen to your favorite desserts or breakfast recipes has always been a fan-favorite way to use this product.

Matcha Collagen Recipes

peach matcha smoothie

Get started on your matcha-loving journey by trying out one (or all) of these Matcha Collagen recipes. There’s one here for every type of person; whether you can’t get enough of smoothies or are almost always craving something sweet, you’ll find your perfect fit.

Matcha Collagen Latte: The easiest way to incorporate our Matcha Collagen into your day. Add one scoop to hot water. Then top off with almond milk or one of our Collagen Creamers.

Chocolate Matcha Bark: It's so good as a mid-afternoon snack, who needs dessert?

matcha waffles

Matcha Waffles: Sunday brunch just got a whole lot better.

Peach Matcha Smoothie: A recipe packed with delicious and energizing ingredients, like frozen peach slices and avocado.

No-Bake Matcha Raw Bars: Give your oven a break and bite into these coconut-topped matcha bars for an energy boost.**

Matcha Pudding: Oh so creamy!

Matcha Mint Chip Macaroons: These dinner party staples contain ground-up coconut, spearmint and cacao nibs.

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