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How Vital Performance™ Is Disrupting The Fitness Nutrition Space

Fitness Has Always Been Vital

Vital Proteins® founder Kurt Seidensticker learned of collagen’s health benefits after first experiencing knee discomfort from running. Since Seidensticker had always been an avid runner, the setback sparked his search for a product that would help support his joint health. Incorporating ingestible collagen into his diet, he found, was the answer since nutrient-rich foods don't provide enough of the amino acids needed for the body to naturally produce collagen.**

Enter Vital Performance™: The same collagen you know and love, but with an added boost to help you conquer every part of your workout and recovery.** 

"Everyone is on a unique journey and we want to help enable and fuel whatever journey that might be. After all, our company was founded on the idea of using collagen to help increase athletic longevity** as everyone wants to do what they love, for as long as they can," says Cameron Schuler, Senior Director of Vital Performance™, who was brought on to help champion the brand and make wellness a daily habit for all athletes.

While most products on the market continue to center around traditional sports nutrition ingredients and muscle health, each Vital Performance™ offering is made with collagen peptides, a vital ingredient that fuels movement by supporting the health of components rich in connective tissue, like muscles, tendons, bones and joints.**

"I want to use our brand to fuel, inspire and motivate the masses. Also, having so many friends that are athletes but not taking advantage of proper nutrition motivates me to spread the word and educate athletes on our products," says Schuler. "I want to try and make Vital Performance™ part of their daily routine so they can perform their best, recover properly and stay healthy so they can do what they love for as long as possible."

High-Quality Products For All Athletes

Meet the MVP of your gym bag. Ranging from collagen-based products that help you dig deeper to protein-packed supplements that help you recover stronger,** there's something for every athlete.

The Vital Performance™ lineup includes:

Vital Performance™ PRE — a powdered pre-workout supplement that provides a unique combination of collagen and purpose-driven ingredients that support focus, energy and power output designed to help boost pre-workout energy and stamina and promote athletic longevity.** ($35.99; shop now)

Vital Performance™ RECOVER — a powdered intra/post-workout supplement that provides a unique combination of collagen and other functional ingredients designed to help support post-workout recovery and promote athletic longevity.** ($35.99; shop now)


Vital Performance™ SLEEP — a powdered nighttime supplement that provides a unique combination of functional ingredients (without melatonin) designed to promote a restful night’s sleep to have you feeling restored so you're ready to tackle your next-day performance.**  ($35.99; shop now)

Vital Performance™ Protein Bar — Made with a 20g blend of complete protein (including 10g of collagen peptides) per serving, this protein bar is convenient nutrition for those seeking to boost their daily protein intake, anytime of day. ($29.99; shop now)

Vital Performance™ Protein — A lactose-free performance supplement made with 25g of complete protein (including 10g of collagen) per serving to complement your fitness routine and stimulate muscle protein synthesis** — no artificial sugars or sweeteners included. ($29.99; shop now)

Our high-quality supplements are NSF Certified for Sport®, which ensures — through third-party testing — that our products are free of banned substances and users are consuming a high-quality supplement that's safe and made with efficacious ingredients in a GMP facility. They are also Informed Sport certified, which is a global banned substance testing program designed to ensure the highest standards in the sports supplement industry and provide an extra layer of protection for elite athletes.

Athletes Love Vital Performance™

From Olympic Athlete Colleen Quigley to swimmer Cody Simpson to MMA Fighter Valerie Loureda to NBA player Bogdan Bogdanović to Bodybuilder George Brown (and many more), athletes of all sports fuel their performance from start to finish with Vital Performance™.

"While I'm training I try to avoid processed sugars, but I have a huge sweet tooth. So if I'm craving ice cream, I love to blend up frozen bananas with some cocoa powder, vanilla extract, a little bit of honey and even some Vital Performance™ Vanilla Protein to make a decadent dessert that hits the spot," Quigley says.

But, Vital Performance™ isn't just for the pros. We love to get our community involved through our Vital Run Club, a welcoming space to inspire runners of all abilities. And, Vital Performance™ sponsors track cycling team IAMIACANIWILLIDO Racing.

Vital Performance™ is on a mission to fuel new everyday athletes for every journey. This is just the beginning. 

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