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MMA Champ Valerie Loureda On Her Collagen Routine, Post-Workout Recovery & More

Valerie Loureda is a force. The Vital Athlete, who began her MMA journey three years ago, has always been active and immersed in all things fitness. In fact, Loureda began practicing martial arts at the age of two. "Everyone in my family is a blackbelt," Loureda tells Lively, confirming that a love of sport runs in her family.

We chatted with the MMA champ about her fitness routine as well as how she adds collagen to her daily regimen. (Spoiler: She has two favorite products!) Keep reading to learn more.

Our Interview With Valerie Loureda

valerie loureda

Lively: As someone who makes physical activity a priority, you must experience workout ruts from time to time. You’re only human. How do you overcome them?

Valerie Loureda: Honestly, it’s all about how bad you want it. There are days where I am less motivated than others, but I remind myself of my dreams and everything I want to accomplish, and it helps me push through the workout.  

L: What are your fitness essentials on training days vs. active recovery days?

VL: On both training days and active recovery days I drink a lot of water and try to eat clean. On active recovery days, doing yoga is my go-to because I it helps to release the lactic acid from my legs and the next morning I am not as sore. 

valerie loureda

L: Do you have a go-to pre- and post-workout meal?

VL: Every morning, I train fasted – meaning I don’t eat anything before working out. Afterward, I usually have some sort of protein, a carb and healthy fat like avocado. As for why I train fasted, I find, in my experience, it’s a great way to maintain my weight. I also feel lean while exercising. 

L: Of course, we have to ask: How do you add collagen to your daily routine?

VL: For about a month now I’ve been adding two scoops of the Collagen Peptides in my coffee every morning and I have seen a drastic change in my hair, nails and skin. I also use Vital Performance™ RECOVER after every training session and I feel immediately renovated. 

Valerie Loureda's Collagen Picks