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What Wellness Means To Sr. Director Of Vital Performance™, Cameron Schuler

by grace gavilanes - December 13, 2020

Welcome to The Vital Life where we spotlight Vital Proteins® employees. This week, Sr. Director of Vital Performance™, Cameron Schuler, gives us a look inside his workday.

the vital life

cameron schuler

Lively: Thanks for sharing your day with us! To kick things off, can you tell us about what you do at Vital Proteins and what you enjoy about your role? 

Cameron Schuler: No problem, excited to connect with you and to be a part of the Vital team!! I am the Senior Director of Vital Performance™ and help lead the Performance brand and business as a whole. It's a unique role and I'm fortunate to be able to work with lots of different areas within our company. We have so many talented and passionate teammates helping with the Performance business, all with one goal in mind and that is to help enable and serve athletes and consumers to unleash their full potential. 

Having worked with athletes and athletic brands for many years, I am very excited to help educate, inspire and motivate athletes of all types through Vital Performance™ and provide them with amazing products and experiences. Everyone is on a journey and we want to help enable and fuel whatever journey that might be. After all, our company was founded on the idea of using collagen to help increase athletic longevity** as everyone wants to do what they love, for as long as they can. 

cameron schuler

L: Walk us through your morning routine – how has it changed (or not) since staying home? 

CS: We have all had a rude awakening this year that we must take care of ourselves, mentally and physically. People have realized that they need to adapt their routines to continue to take care of their body. I run a good amount so that is typically how I start many of my mornings but I have really started to fuel my body with proper nutrition now as well. I am an early riser and start my day with a double espresso with a splash of oat milk and of course our Collagen Peptides. Once I catch up on some emails and morning news over a quick snack, I make sure to have some of our Vital Performance™ PRE and then lace up. Depending on the day, I often go running with my new best friend & running partner: My 1½ -year-old daughter, Isla. She has been a trooper on our morning adventures. Although she is growing and getting harder to push in her stroller, she is a breath of fresh air and helps keep me grounded on what is important in life and to control the things I can control.

L: Where have you been getting inspiration for projects or tasks you might be working on  throughout the day? 

CS: Seeing such a surge in demand for health and fitness equipment over the last year has been really interesting. So many people now want to take care of themselves more than ever. They are working out virtually with others, in their makeshift home gyms with their roommates and loved ones, and that has been a huge driver for me. I want to use our brand to fuel, inspire and motivate the masses. Also, having so many friends that are athletes and runners but not taking advantage of proper nutrition is also motivating me. I want to try and make Vital Performance™ part of their daily routine so they can perform their best, recover properly and stay healthy** so they can do it for as long as possible. 

cameron schuler

L: Lunchtime! What's your plan? 

CS: Like many others out there, Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting usually fills the day up. One MASSIVE perk of working from home is being able to quickly jump out of the home office to see my daughter. I'll play with her for a few minutes while having a quick snack and then back to work. It's a great way to break up the day and helps me reset before the next meeting. 

L: You're hitting your mid-afternoon slump. How do you re-energize your afternoon? 

CS: I love my afternoon coffee. I usually go for a double espresso on ice with oat milk. It could be in the middle of winter in Chicago and you will still see me strolling around with an iced coffee. Depending on my schedule for the day, (and if I didn’t work out in the morning) sneaking out for a quick afternoon workout is amazing. I find myself still thinking about the last meeting or a problem that we are trying to solve and often come up with a solution. It helps clear my head and refocus to be very productive the rest of the afternoon. I have also been enjoying our Vital Performance™ RECOVER beverage for a late afternoon drink as well to help keep me hydrated.

L: How have you been practicing #wellnessfromhome these days?

CS: Health, wellness and physical fitness should be a huge priority for everyone in normal times, let alone right now. With my wife being in charge of a COVID clinic, #wellnessfromhome has a bit of a different meaning for me as I’m reminded daily to not take our health and wellness for granted. Although our routines have changed, our friends and family (however close or far they may be) are still strong and we are blessed to take advantage of technology that helps connect us. FaceTime and Zoom have become such a part of our daily lives now that I find I am communicating more frequently with friends and family that I ever did before. Who would have thought FaceTime workouts or happy hours would be a thing!?

Rapid-Fire Questions 

Favorite Podcast? I'm a bit of a business/marketing junkie so I love How I Built This as well as Building A Story Brand.

Favorite Workout? Running is my go-to, but also enjoy a good HIIT session, as well as Peloton workouts. 

Favorite Binge-Worthy Show? I’m a sucker for the very random sci-fi shows that Netflix suggests for me, but also have been known to crush some Schitt’s Creek or any of the property shows.

Favorite Vital Proteins product? I (biased of course) love our Vital Performance™ products and they are VERY good at doing their job. I use our PRE before a run or even on a bike ride and sometimes even just to get me pumped up in the middle of the day. I'll use the RECOVER during long rides or workouts as it helps keep me hydrated and also to replenish. I also love our Vital Coffee Roasters! Living in Portland for almost 10 years, I have a knack for good coffee and our beans are amazing!

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