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Why I Run: 10 Runners On What Inspires Them To Keep Going

Running is a personal journey for everyone. Whether you just ran your first mile or you’re a seasonedmarathoner, or fall somewhere in between, you've got a reason for training. You might be aiming for a PR, looking to get healthier or simply enjoy getting outside for some fresh air and exercise.

And some days it can be tough to get inspired to get out there. So, we asked you, our Vital Run Club fam, to share what motivates you to lace up via the Vital Proteins® Run Club Facebook group. Because you always know that you feel better after the run is done, no matter the distance. And, show your muscles and joints some love with Vital Performance™Protein which is designed to support improved recovery and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.****

Here's what these athletes had to say about how running helps them feel their best and what gets them out the door each day.

10 Runners On Why They Run

"Running has always been a form of therapy for me, even more so in the last year. There is so much peace out on the open roads or trails." —Jim Harding

"I run because it always seemed like something I couldn't do. If it was me overcoming asthma as a child, or being an adult begging for the walking break during C25K (Couch to 5K), it felt as though I just wasn't cut out to be a runner. What a freaking lie I was speaking upon myself! I ran my first 5K in summer 2019. I did a 5-miler after that. I ran my first half marathon last October. Every single time I finished, I loved myself a little more and that is the biggest takeaway I have gained from this incredible experience." —Meg Kazier

"I started running because of my family history. My mom is a colon cancer survivor and my dad (RIP) was pre-diabetic, had cancer and liver failure. I love to run, not just to stay healthy and fit, but it's a form of therapy for letting out anger and stress. Plus, I run in a peaceful environment where I get to smell the fresh air and enjoy nature." —Jessica Alva

"I used to run in school and at home, loved it! Now I'm in liver failure waiting for a transplant. They said I didn't have six months, but it's been 11 months now. When I get back on my feet I want to run!!" —Dana Farris

"Running to me is more than just about fitness, it’s a community and an outlet for me. Running has connected me with so many amazing like-minded people who have become a close friend of mine. Running allows me to push my limits to see how strong and fast I can become. Not every day is going to be easy but every day will be worth it!" —Hailey Thompson

"I run because it makes me feel empowered and is the time that I disconnect from everything and allows me to experience nature."—Andreu Toscano

"Most of the time, running isn't easy – to be any good at it takes grit and you need to be relentlessly consistent. You have to embrace the parts of it that are difficult. That is what I love about running. It's the privilege and beauty of being able to choose to do something that challenges you on a daily basis. What a gift." —Michelle Blair

"I just started running this year. I was always afraid of running and thought I wouldn't like it. I've always admired people who could complete 5K races or marathons. And this past year, I ran my first 5K! I will always remember 2020 as the year I ran my first 5K!" —Carolina de Arriba

"For the post-run feels. I love setting goals. I may run and say I want to go at a certain pace or I want to run a certain distance. I sometimes feel as though I can’t make it or I can’t do it, but once it’s done and achieved I feel like I can do anything! Running is one of the best feelings in the world!" —Jasmine Lee

“I run because it is a beautiful release of stress and a great way to clear the mind.  I love the feeling after a run, no matter if it is a fantastic one or not, with endorphins flowing and a sense of accomplishment.  It is a time where I can invest in myself.  What's more is the community created around running and the people you can meet! It is a very cool community where all types of athletes can come together and share a common activity, no matter if it is your first day or 300th.” —Christiane Desalvo

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