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25 Wellness Activities That Have Nothing To Do With Exercise

If you're one of those people who thinks practicing wellness involves splurging on a $35 cycling class, we'd advise you to think again. There are so many options out there that cater to you and your lifestyle that don't involve sweating at all.

Just start with these 25 ideas. They are totally attainable — plus, many can be done around the house! So if you're feeling inspired to add more *good vibes* into your day, scroll on!

25 Wellness Activities To Try That Have Nothing To Do With Exercise

1. Curl-up in cozy loungewear

2. Fix yourself a frothy Matcha Collagen Latte.

3. Meditate

4. Make a nourishing smoothie.

5. Meet up with a friend

6. Wake up two hours earlier for a productive morning.

X Wellness Activities To Try That Have Nothing To Do With Exercise

7. Practice breathing deeply.

8. Bring the good vibes to your bedroom with these 5 feng shui tips.

9. Put together a list of things you're grateful for.

10. Make a celebrity-approved smoothie.

11. Head to a lake or beach

12. Spend a couple minutes journaling

13. Take a bubble bath!

14. Try a soothing, at-home DIY.

15. Stock-up on good-for-you groceries for the week.

16. Spend some time snuggling with your pet

17. Call a parent.

18. Add plants to your living space.

19. Get a reiki session.

20. Meal prep healthy food for the week.

21. Do a digital detox

22. Learn something new.

23. Declutter your home.

24. Put together a vision board

 25. Incorporate essential oils into your routine.