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VP Employees Share the Best Advice Their Moms Gave Them

by grace gavilanes - May 09, 2020

There’s no better way to honor our moms ahead of Mother’s Day than to list the ways they’ve impacted our lives. Just ask these 19 Vital Proteins employees. They each shared a nugget of indispensable wisdom, courtesy of their moms.

Keep reading for their musings on life, love, and the importance of having a spruced-up personal space. (Psst! Looking to treat mom on her special day? Whip up one of these 10 decadent Mother's Day collagen recipes!)

Mother’s Day: Our Moms’ Best Advice

Focus on Yourself


"You can't control other people's actions, but you can control how you respond to them."

-Ali Mahoney, digital marketing coordinator

“Listen before you react. And regardless of what happened that day, always end it with an ‘I love you.’”

-Miranda Gardley, content production associate

“Be honest, humble, and be vocal about what you want.”

-Grace Gavilanes, writer-editor

“Every day when she'd drop me off at school, she’d say, ‘Go be amazing!’”

-Sophia Sesto, social media & influencer marketing relationship manager

“Best advice my mom gave me was, ‘What is for you won't go by you.’”

-Olivia Pelaez, education coordinator

mothers day 2019

There’s Always Room for Improvement

“You can’t leave the kitchen until your dishes are clean.”

-Michael Hymen, customer advocate team lead

“When I was younger, my mom always said to me and my siblings, ‘whining is for grapes.’ For the longest time I didn't know what that meant, but now that I do, I realized she was trying to teach us that complaining doesn't get you anywhere, and maybe that wine is delicious.”

-Hannah Tate, retail marketing coordinator


"Make lots of mistakes, listen to your gut first and find one thing to love about each human being." 

-Tessa Ready, beauty account executive

Treat Yourself

“Invest in nice things. Don’t buy cheap things.”

-Lauren Keyser, Vital advocate manager

“It is really important to love where you live.”

-Emma Uhrick, social media associate

“I think, ‘Don’t be afraid to spend money to invest in anything that comes between you and the ground.’ So like shoes, a bed, transportation, etc.”

-Alex Pojman, digital operations developer

Just Be You

“Be yourself, be authentic, and embrace who you are because you are unique.”

-Amber Karadsheh, purchasing coordinator

“[She told me to] always be myself no matter the friend group/surroundings and to not change yourself in order to fit in.”

-Jake Fells, compliance specialist

“The most important person to be proud of your accomplishments is yourself.”

-Tina Cid, sales operations coordinator

“March to your own drum beat.”

-Justin Tvedt, videographer

“Go to college.”

-Reid Burgess, staff accountant

“No questions are dumb questions.”

-Brittney Devore, customer advocate