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Welcome Good Vibes into Your Space with These 5 Feng Shui Tips

Whether you realize it or not, the energy of a space has a major impact on the way you feel. If your room is disorganized and cluttered, for example, you’ll likely feel like a hot mess too. Whereas a beautiful, tidy space will help you feel more chill and happier. The good news is a high-vibe space can easily be created with the help of the ancient Chinese art of placement known as feng shui. Keep reading for simple tips from feng shui expert Jen Boyd of Elements of Harmony that will help take the vibe of your space to another level.

feng shui room

1. Make it bright

The first thing Boyd recommends doing is brightening up your space with lots of different light sources. “Ensure that light flows through your space by opening windows for natural light and adding additional sources to brighten dark corners, hallways, and areas where your life feels dim,” she says. You can also swap out your light bulbs for higher wattage bulbs or light some candles to create a cozy feeling. She adds that warm, glowing salt lamps are also great for soothing and neutralizing the energy in a room.

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bedroom sanctuary

2. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

“Your bedroom is for sleep and passion,” Boyd says. “Everything else is a distraction.” So, go through your bedroom and get your Marie Kondo on and eliminate any clutter (laptop, bills, piles of laundry, etc.) that will ultimately just disrupt your energy while you’re resting. The less stuff there is, the more it’ll feel like an oasis. She also suggests adding some artwork to the walls in skin-tone shades for some warmth.

5 Feng Shui Tips to Bring Good Vibes to Your Space

3. Bring in lush greenery

Plants are a great way to liven up a room. “They uplift the energy in your space and make an area feel full of life,” Boyd says. “Plants also help clean the air and remove toxins.” Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. The feng shui pro adds that faux plants will also infuse good vibes into a space. The key is to keep them dusted. Alternatively, she says you can also hang nature-related photography to cultivate that sense of Mother Earth.

artwork hygge

4. Be intentional with artwork

The artwork you put up on the walls isn’t just to make the space look pretty. Boyd says your artwork tells the story of your life, so it’s important to be intentional with it. “Look around at the artwork hanging in your space and determine if its story is congruent with the life you want to live today,” she says. “Does it match your purpose, goals, and motivation? Artwork holds energetic patterns in place, so just be sure that your artwork is up-to-date with the direction of your life.”

water fountain

5. Create flow in the space 

Feng shui is all about creating harmony and one pro tip Boyd recommends is adding flow-y features, if you will, throughout your space to cultivate that sense of easeful movement. You can use a water fountain or a wind chime, for example. “Both of these symbolize the flow of goodness and opportunities,” she says. “So, have at least one of these in your space for good, positive energy.”