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Embracing Imperfections: Redefining the “Ideal Routine”

In the world of social media, influencers, and productivity gurus, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to have a perfect routine. You might feel pressured to wake up at 5 a.m., meditate, exercise, read, work, learn, cook, clean, and still have time for hobbies and socializing. But do you really have to micromanage your day and account for every minute? Let’s face it – life happens. Sometimes it’s just not possible to fit everything into a rigid schedule, and that’s okay. You can still be productive and happy without following someone else’s idea of a perfect routine. In this blog post, we will share with you how to embrace your imperfections and redefine your ideal routine.


The Problem of Perfectionism

Bummed out because your routine lacks the luster and shine of a perfectly curated post? You’re not alone. Many of us fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others on social media and feeling inadequate or dissatisfied with our own routine. We might think that we’re not doing enough, not achieving enough, or not living up to our potential. We might feel guilty, ashamed, or frustrated when we deviate from our ideal routine or when things don't go as planned. But is this really healthy or helpful?

As you’re probably aware, social media is not always a reliable or realistic source of information or inspiration. Most of the posts we see are carefully selected, edited, and filtered to present a certain image or impression. They don’t reflect the whole story or the reality of the person behind them. While fun to peruse, they aren’t meant to be a standard or a model for us to follow. They are just snapshots of moments, not the entire picture.

So, before you judge yourself or your routine based on what you see online, take off the filter and look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself: Is this really what I want? Is this really what I need? Is this really what makes me happy?




The Myth of the Perfect Routine

Especially when it comes to health and wellness, many people fall for the myth that there is a perfect routine that we should aspire to. We might think that if we could just follow the advice of experts, celebrities, or influencers, we’ll achieve the same results as they do. We might try to copy their habits, schedules, and rituals, hoping to emulate their success and happiness. But this is a mistake. The truth is, everyone has different needs, preferences, and goals, and what works for one person might not work for another. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding your ideal routine. The key is to find a routine that works for you and that aligns with your values and priorities. A routine that suits your personality, lifestyle, and interests. A routine that makes you feel happy, productive, and fulfilled. A routine that is flexible and adaptable to changes and challenges. A routine that is yours and yours alone.



Finding Your  Ideal Routine

So, what are the secrets to developing a routine that works for you? Here are some strategies to get you started:

  • Assess your current routine and identify what works and what doesn't. What are the things that you enjoy doing and that make you feel good? What are the things that you dread doing and that make you feel stressed or unhappy? What are the things that you want to change or improve in your routine?
  • Set realistic and specific goals for your routine and break them down into manageable steps. What are the outcomes that you want to achieve with your routine? How will you measure your progress and success? How will you track and record your actions and results?
  • Choose habits and activities that suit your personality, lifestyle, and interests. Don't force yourself to do things that you don't like or that don't fit your preferences. Not a morning person and never will be? Don't try to wake up at dawn and get in a 60-minute HIIT workout. Instead, find a time or activity that works better with your natural rhythm.
  • Experiment with different options and find what makes you feel happy, productive, and fulfilled. Don't be afraid to try new things or to switch things up. You might discover something that you love or that works better for you. You might also find out what doesn't work for you and what you can eliminate or modify in your routine.
  • Adjust your routine as needed and be flexible and adaptable to changes.Don't be too rigid or strict with your routine. Allow yourself some room for spontaneity, creativity, and fun. Be prepared to deal with unexpected situations or obstacles that might disrupt your routine. Learn from your mistakes and failures and use them as opportunities to improve your routine.


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