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Beth's Wholesome Kitchen Blogger Shares Her Grocery Haul

By: Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez is the writer-developer behind the food blog Beth’s Wholesome Kitchen (@bethswholesomekitchen on Instagram). Here, she breaks down her weekly grocery haul.

my grocery haul

Meal prepping is such a life saver when it comes to weekday paleo lunches and dinners! It helps to keep me eating nutritious and nourishing foods throughout the week. As much as I’d love to keep my meals super creative, that’s just not very doable for me! I like to keep my meals super simple and delicious. I had been grocery shopping at my local Sprouts and Natural Grocers for a long while, but then my local Whole Foods started implementing the Amazon Prime Now grocery pick-up. It’s such a game changer for me! I absolutely love going grocery shopping, but I always end up spending more than I should have because of all the awesome new products I see. Picking up my groceries has helped me save money for sure. 

Now, I stick to Amazon Prime Now pick-up and Natural Grocers for all my grocery shopping. I like to go to two different grocery stores because sometimes Natural Grocers has products that Whole Foods doesn’t have on hand, and vice versa. I also have a Costco membership, so I ended up making a trip to purchase a couple of things.

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I bought some fruit, grain-free granola bars and grain-free granola to have on hand for snacking. I’ve been loving taking the grain-free granola bars with me to work to have as a snack! 

This week, I decided to do a mini meal prep. I had been doing really elaborate meal preps, but I found that doing mini meal preps is a much better idea for me.

smoothie ingredients

I typically make smoothies to take to work with me for breakfast throughout the week. I like to put the smoothie ingredients into little bags and store them in the freezer until I need them. For the smoothies this week, I prepped two different flavors: Strawberry banana and spinach smoothie and a blueberry and spinach smoothie.

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grocery haul collagen

The night before work, I’ll dump the ingredients into the blender and add in some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, nut butter, and homemade cashew milk. Super easy to grab and go the next morning! When I make smoothies for breakfast, I always make sure to add in some form of healthy fat, protein, and greens.

paleo pasta grocery haul

For lunch on Sunday, I whipped up some paleo pasta with simple meat sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Costco sells this grass-fed parmesan cheese in a shaker bottle made with super simple ingredients and we love it! I don’t eat dairy all the time because I don’t do well with large amounts, but my body is okay with it in super small amounts. Luckily, we had some simple meat sauce leftover and I’ll be taking that to work with me this week! I also made some chili-spiced ground turkey to make homemade Chipotle bowls. I whipped up some cilantro lime cauliflower rice to have with the delicious ground turkey.

Over the years, I’ve learned that eating healthy, nourishing foods doesn’t have to be difficult. I’m a true believer of eating nutrient-dense food because it just makes me feel great. When I’m eating well, and I focus on really nourishing my body, I feel satiated throughout the day and have lots of energy to get through my day. It seriously makes a huge difference!