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A Crash Course on Healing Crystals

The practice of crystal healing has seen an upsurge in popularity in recent years, and while you may have heard people talking about, or perhaps showing off their beautiful stones, you may not be entirely clear on what they can provide. An open mind is key to obtaining the positive qualities these stones can offer, and while there’s no scientific evidence to back up the abilities of healing crystals, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a try.

We recently connected with two experts in the field of crystal therapy to get a better understanding of the practice and how you can easily incorporate the benefits of healing crystals into your daily life, so read on below to help you get started.

The Gist on Crystal Healing

In a nutshell, crystal healing is a holistic and noninvasive form of energetic healing. “We often hear crystals referred to as “New Age,” but in truth, crystal healing is an ancient, age-old form of medicine,” says Colleen McCann, a shamanic energy practitioner and author of Crystal Rx. “Crystal healing is woven into the threads of some of our most historic civilizations. The Mayans, Incas, ancient Egyptians, Australian Aborigines, Native Americans, Celtic Druids all traditionally used crystals in their healing practices.”

McCann also notes that in this context, healing means bringing balance to the “mind, body, spirit and physical space.” “Negative energy or “dis-ease” can show itself through physical illnesses and behavioral issues, which are the final manifestation of ancestral, emotional, environmental, karmic, mental, physiological, psychological or spiritual imbalances,” she says. Sadie Kadlec, crystal muse and expert at Maha Rose, New York’s Center for Healing and Transformation, adds that crystal therapy can create a sense of calm security and assists in “discovering the emotional roots of dis-ease to cultivate a greater awareness of self and facilitate transformation.”

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What to Expect in a Session

If you’re wondering what a typical crystal healing session might look like before walking in the door, Kadlec tells Lively that while she can’t speak to every crystal healer’s practice, hers usually begins with a guided meditation to bring your energy into connection with the crystals, followed by a “crystal reading that provides energetic guidance and awareness to a feeling or situation you've been experiencing.” She adds that the predominate chakra correlations help determine whether Reiki, breathwork or perhaps a combination of the two will be incorporated alongside the crystal placements on and around your body while you lay on a massage table, noting that most clients fall into a deep restorative sleep-wake state and report feelings of “peace, relaxation, clarity and renewed zest for life.”

McCann adds that as the crystals interact with the physical and energetic space surrounding us, they can “absorb, defuse, direct, detoxify, focus and shift our energy.” Many of her clients mention feeling better, even if they “can’t pinpoint why,” and across the board are always very hungry or thirsty post-healing session. “The process creates a safe space to release unwanted energy; people may laugh, cry or fall asleep — they can feel very energized, euphoric or extremely tired after,” she says.

Finally, Kadlec notes that a session typically ends with practices and crystal suggestions to work with these energies for continued at-home healing.

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The Benefits

Crystal healing can be a very relaxing experience and help restore the body to its “natural equilibrium.” McCann elaborates on this point explaining that the “physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body” all get recalibrated during crystal therapy and that it’s important to come into a session with a positive mindset and open heart, as these can be the biggest barriers to crystal healing having a lasting effect. She describes the benefits broken down in more detail below:

  • Physical: Relief from stress, sleep problems, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, anxiety, infertility, migraines, joint pain, digestive disorder and chronic or severe illnesses
  • Mental: Enhanced clarity and creativity; increased focus and awareness; lessening of unhealthy behaviors; relief from addictions and thought patterns like negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  • Emotional: Helps stabilize moods and enhance self-esteem
  • Spiritual: Feeling centered, peaceful and harmonious; greater acceptance of others

McCann adds that it’s important to keep in mind that this practice is meant to be an accoutrement to other health treatments. And as we mentioned above, there is no scientific evidence to back up crystals. “Always consult a healthcare professional on what your personal path should be, and how you can combine Eastern and Western medicine for best results,” she says.

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How Often Should I Do It?

Kadlec tells Lively that how often you choose to engage in crystal healing might depend on what’s going in in your life. “Each person and their needs are different. If you are going through a period of cloudiness, stress or anxiety, more frequent treatments can help,” she explains. “My clients typically come once every other month and those who are working through certain challenges might come either every other week or monthly. You and your crystal therapy practitioner would find the frequency that works for you.”

McCann also makes an interesting point that crystal healing can be a high-energy experience. “The vibe-volume can get turned way up when someone is working with a trained crystal practitioner in a one-on-one session,” she says. “In most cases, I recommend that someone not receive any type of energy healing more than once a week, as we need to be gentle on ourselves and allow our body to recalibrate after a crystal healing session.”

How to Incorporate Crystals in Your Everyday Life

If you’re curious about how to incorporate crystals into your everyday routine, these experts have a few simple suggestions. “My personal favorites are crystal placements on the body immediately upon waking up in the morning,” says Kadlec. “Placing a small crystal on the third eye or on the heart is a beautiful and gentle way to set the energetic tone of the day.” She notes that other suggestions might include holding the stones while meditating or perhaps placing a stone near your computer to offset electromagnetic radiation and improve focus.

McCann’s recommendations include spraying crystal-infused mists, wearing a crystal necklace, working with a crystal pendulumdrinking gem water or even brushing out your hair with a crystal comb or perhaps looking into a crystal-infused phone case to absorb man-made EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequency).

For more detailed information on how to work gems into every area of your life, check McCann’s book, Crystal Rx.