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What Is Intuitive Self Care?

By: Arena Ellis

Being intuitive means having the ability to understand beyond what is obviously presented to you as concrete facts or material realities. It means listening to the voice inside of you, trusting that voice and acting based on what it says. This means being very observant not only of yourself, but of others and your surroundings.

Listening to your intuition can be an ultimate form of self-care. Here are some tips on how you can start to incorporate this into your life.

Check in with Yourself

The process of checking in with yourself is an important part of intuitive self-care. This helps you create an awareness of what is going on mentally and physically. Trust that your body has wisdom and shows you signs early on what should be listened to. Have you ever had a feeling of needing to slow down, only to ignore it, then end up being sick? This is a prime example of the importance of checking in with yourself and listening.

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Honor Your Needs

Often times, we put our own needs behind the needs of deadlines, to-do items and other people in our lives. This can really impact us, then manifest in ways that are counter intuitive to us becoming our best selves. Know what it means for you to operate at 100%, then recognize how different it is when you are operating at any percentage less than that. Make it a point to listen and do the things needed to bring you back to 100%.

Feeling anxious? Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, take a break or take a walk. Tired? Set an alarm and take a 15-minute nap. Not feeling social? Politely decline your friend’s happy hour invite.  

Fuel Your Body

Eating is a part of intuitive self-care as well! Know the importance of fueling your body and listening to what it’s telling you it needs, but also not restricting to the point of hunger, feeling famished or deprived. Like anything in life, balance is important, but simply put – eat what feels good.

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Respect Comfort Zones  

With intuitive self-care, it’s important to respect your comfort zones because it correlates with honoring your needs and know that’s not only okay, but sometimes required.

It’s also important for you to recognize it’s okay for you to also step out of them. Stepping out of that zone doesn’t mean having to do anything drastic but know that often in these moments is where we learn more about ourselves and gain new perspectives.

Create Rituals

Whether it be a morning ritual of drinking Vital Proteins Collagen Water first thing in the morning or an evening ritual of meditating and journaling before bed, consider creating a ritual for yourself. Rituals can not only help ground you but can also become a sacred time that you look forward to every day. This is a moment that belongs to you, help create a sense of calm and is a great time to check in with yourself.  

Checking in with yourself, honoring your own needs, fueling your body, respecting your comfort zones and creating rituals are all aspects of intuitive self-care that can implemented into your life. This practice can positively impact all aspects of your life, helping you be a better friend, partner, co-worker and human being.