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5 Different Kinds Of Crystals For Every Type Of Person

Whether you've seen them perched on an influencer's nightstand while scrolling through Instagram or have witnessed Spencer Pratt endlessly gush about them, crystals are having a major moment. And it's not surprising to see why.

These pretty gems claim to have their own unique powers, from promoting positivity to ending an exhaustive job search. There's no scientific evidence that backs these claims, of course, but that isn't going to stop us from aww-ing over every single picture-perfect offering (and holding our chosen one close as we attempt to meditate). And we encourage you to do the same. You might even be surprised to find your new accessory adds a little something extra to your life.

We enlisted the help of Moonrise Crystals owner Julie Abouzelof to help break down five popular crystals, according to personality type, to make finding "the one" that much easier. We promise it's less painful than online dating. (Though, to be fair, there's a crystal for that, too.)

If You Catch Yourself Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over Again …


Here's What You Need ASAP: Smoky Quartz

What Does It Look Like? This particular crystal comes in an almost-translucent shade of gray or brownish black.

So, What Can It Do for Me? Smoky Quartz acts as a protective shield and is believed to block negative and stagnant energy from your life, thus opening you up to new experiences. Think of using this crystal as a way to spring-clean your life. 

Julie Tells Lively: "Smoky Quartz has a gentle and grounding energy that blocks negativity and helps us to detox our mental and emotional bodies. It reminds us to focus on finding solutions, rather than dwelling on problems. Smoky Quartz encourages us to be more pragmatic and able to acknowledge our patterns and the root cause behind them so that we can adjust as needed. Smoky Quartz also reminds us that transformation take time and to be patient with the process."

If You Consider Yourself to Be a Hopeless Romantic …


Here's What You Need ASAP: Rose Quartz

What Does It Look Like? It's pretty in pink and, like all crystals, comes in different shapes and sizes.

So, What Can It Do for Me? Whether you're ready for a relationship or have been nursing a broken heart after a messy breakup, Rose Quartz is a feel-good stone that encourages users to open themselves up to unconditional love.

Julie Tells Lively: "Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and compassion. It celebrates with us every time we open ourselves up to the awesome power of love. Rose Quartz is a wonderful talisman for attracting a new relationship as well as for keeping our current relationships happy and healthy. When we are brokenhearted, Rose Quartz's energy wraps us up in a tight hug, giving sympathy and encouraging us to love again. It also reminds us to make self-love and self-care a priority." 

If You Have Dreams of Landing a Promotion by the End of This Year …


Here's What You Need ASAP: Citrine

What Does It Look Like? A trifecta of colors, Citrine is equal parts yellow, orange and brown.

So, What Can It Do for Me? You're career-driven and are constantly visualizing your professional future. Let Citrine inspire you to stay present while encouraging you to dream big. 

Julie Tells Lively: "Citrine attracts fabulous abundance. It shows us how to consciously-create a dynamic life that will bring us happiness and peace of mind.  Citrine sparks big, bold dreams and helps us to visualize each step we need to take to make those dreams become a reality. Citrine is also a stone of wealth and good luck, helping us to move past any self-limiting fears and poverty-mentality. This joyful stone inspires us to be generous to others and fully confident in our own ability to succeed."

If You've Been Feeling Grumpier Than Normal …


Here's What You Need ASAP: Black Tourmaline

What Does It Look Like? Black Tourmaline is black and sometimes such a dark-blue, that it almost looks black. 

So, What Can It Do for Me? On a mission to rid your surroundings of any negativity? Look no further than Black Tourmaline. The stone claims to purify users' lives of toxic people as well as any toxic feelings that they may be experiencing themselves.

Julie Tells Lively: "Black Tourmaline has a relaxing energy that helps us to stop sweating the small stuff. It is a powerful protective stone that guards us against needless negativity. Black Tourmaline also helps us to recognize when negativity is a sign that something is wrong and needs our attention. It supports us when we need to create better boundaries at work or home. It also reminds us that it is our responsibility to cultivate positive habits and good energy."

If You're Just About Ready to End Your Homebody Ways …


Here's What You Need ASAP: Aventurine

What Does It Look Like? Think of this crystal as Jade, reincarnated.

So, What Can It Do for Me? Maybe you're sticking to old habits out of comfort or self-doubt. Whatever the reason, Aventurine can help you break out of a rut and attract new opportunities while upping your self-confidence. 

Julie Tells Lively: "Aventurine invites us to be more curious and open to new ways of doing things. It has a happy-go-lucky energy that helps us feel more self-confident in social situations and more creative in our hobbies. Aventurine sings with enthusiasm for everything about us, and teases us a little if we start to take ourselves too seriously. It acts like as a little best friend, someone who enjoys us just the way we are and who is also excited whenever we grow as a person."