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Glow All Out With Our NEW Morning Get Up & Glow™ Flavor!

Back in July, we introduced our Vital fam to Morning Get Up & Glow™ aka energy and beauty in a tub for brighter mornings. While its original Orange flavor is refreshing, we wanted to double up on the summer vibes ahead of this upcoming season. Enter: our NEW Peach Mango flavor, available now on

Why You'll Love It

So, why should you scoop up this powdered supplement? It's an easy, tasty way to start your day caffeinated! Each serving boasts a blend of collagen peptides, vitamin C, caffeine, biotin and hyaluronic acid that gets your day glowing. Plus, the benefits are pretty amazing. Not only will regularly adding Morning Get Up & Glow™ to your daily wellness routine help support skin, hair and nail health,** but it will also help boost energy** and promote collagen synthesis.**

morning get up and glow peach mango

How To Use Morning Get Up & Glow™

Designed to be enjoyed every morning, this collagen powder can be used alone, or in combination with your current beauty routine. Just mix 1 scoop with 8 fl. oz. of cold water, mix thoroughly & enjoy. Looking for a new way to incorporate this supplement? Take a cue from Olivia Peláez, our in-house functional nutrition expert: "I've been loving adding Morning Get Up & Glow™ to my morning smoothie – which also contains kale, strawberries and bananas – as an extra pick-me-up!**"

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