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The Vital Scoop: Collagen Smoothies Without The Prep

Welcome to #VitalVersity, where our in-house wellness experts break down the latest health trends, new Vital Proteins® and Vital Performance™ products & more.


Scoop up your new smoothie routine with our NEW Collagen Smoothie Mixes! Loaded with functional ingredients and 10g of collagen peptides per serving, our Energy**offering (Tropical Greens flavor) provides a pick-me-up with every sip.** Our Defense** offering (Blackberry Cocoa flavor) is a well-blended daily staple that helps support your immune system while boosting your hair, skin, nail and joint health.** Plus, both mixes are super easy to use. All you have to do? Just scoop, mix or blend with water & enjoy!

We enlisted our in-house functional nutrition expert, Olivia Peláez, to give us a crash course on our newest products, their standout ingredients and their multiple benefits. Keep scrolling for more.

Lively: Collagen Smoothie Mixes are here! What can Vital Proteins fans expect?

Olivia Pelaez: Whether you're brand new to Vital Proteins or have been a lifelong fan, you are going to love our easy-to-use Collagen Smoothie Mixes. We've created two unique offerings: Defense,** a decadent smoothie mix made with collagen peptides and immune-supporting** ingredients like zinc, vitamin C and arginine, and Energy,** which is made with matcha tea powder, collagen peptides and AlphaSize® GPC. Both boast coconut milk powder and fruit powder base, so all you have to do is add water and mix for a deliciously creamy smoothie! 

L: Who would benefit the most from these Collagen Smoothie Mixes?

OP: Whether you're someone who is looking to simplify your smoothie routine, boost your collagen intake, or support your immune system,** you'll love our Collagen Smoothie Mixes! Both are collagen-based, gluten and dairy free, and super easy to use. Just mix with water and you're good to go — no blender needed! However, where they differ is in their unique functional ingredients. Energy,** flavored with pineapple and wheatgrass, offers a natural energy boost** and sustained focus** from functional ingredients like matcha tea powder and AlphaSize® GPC. Defense,** on the other hand, boasts immune-supporting** ingredients like zinc, vitamin C and arginine. 

L: Let's talk ingredients. Which ones would you consider standouts?

OP: One of my favorite ingredients ever — matcha tea powder — can be found in the Energy** Collagen Smoothie Mix. I love matcha so much because it not only provides a natural energy boost** from caffeine, but it also contains L-theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that helps provide an alert sense of calm.** On those days where I need an afternoon pick-me-up,** I typically reach for our Matcha Collagen but now I'll be switching it up and making an Energy** Collagen Smoothie. 

When it comes to Defense,** vitamin C usually wins the immune-supporting spotlight**. However, we can't forget about zinc, an essential mineral that is crucial to the immune system and helps support antioxidant protection.** Every serving of Defense** delivers 200% DV of this powerhouse mineral! 

L: How do you add these Collagen Smoothie Mixes to your routine? 

OP: These Collagen Smoothies have become a staple in my routine. On mornings when I'm crunched for time but still looking for a natural pick-me-up,** I reach for my Energy** Collagen Smoothie Mix and shake it up in my blender bottle with water and a few ice cubes. It saves me so much time that I don't have to pull out my blender and all the ingredients to make a typical smoothie. I just mix it with water and I'm all set. Some mornings, I'll switch it up and have my coffee with Original Collagen Peptides, then have the Defense** Collagen Smoothie Mix as my breakfast. Lately, I've added our Women's Multi Gummies and Beauty Gummies to my wellness routine, and it's safe to say I'm obsessed! In the afternoon, I love to stay hydrated with our Lemon Lime Hydration** + Collagen. The Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte™ supplement mixed with steamed oat milk is my favorite way to wind down my day in the evening. If you're looking to build out your collagen routine and are curious how much you need per day according to unique-to-you factors, check out our Collagen Calculator™ on

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