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The Vital Proteins® Guide To Biotin

From swapping beauty tips with your friends to browsing the aisles of your local store, you may already be familiar with biotin supplements and their many perks. (New to them? That's cool too!) Whether you're hoping to lean on biotin for hair health or simply take biotin pills for wellness #goals, there are many benefits to be explored.

Below, we take a deeper dive into these to understand what biotin is, what it can do for your health, as well as the biotin vitamins available for purchase at Scroll on to get the scoop behind this standout ingredient, now.

biotin supplements

What Is Biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a member of the vitamin B complex family. Its primary responsibility includes turning the nutrients we ingest (i.e. proteins, fats and carbohydrates) into energy. This is important as many of our daily functions — think metabolic, digestive and cardiovascular — wouldn't happen without it!**

If you're someone who's thinking "I feel like I've seen biotin before" you probably aren't wrong! In general, biotin is a common ingredient behind supplements that work to support hair, skin and nails.** (Which is relevant, given our next question...)

Do Biotin Supplements Help With Hair Health?

This is one of the most popular asks when it comes to biotin and biotin supplements (and for good reason!). On top of the critical health functions we previously mentioned, biotin vitamins have been popularized due to their alleged beauty benefits. For example, some individuals who’ve increased their biotin intake have reported healthier hair, skin and nails.**

That said, as always, we recommend consulting your licensed healthcare professional to decide whether a dietary supplement will be a helpful addition to your regimen.

How Can I Add Biotin To My Diet?

The good news is there are natural sources of biotin. Egg yolk, almonds, nut butter, cauliflower, bananas and mushrooms, among other common foods, contain the vitamin. You can also add a scoop or two of any one of our biotin supplements listed below, for a refreshing (and beautiful!), start to your day.

Vital Proteins Products That Contain Biotin

biotin supplements

Morning Get Up & Glow™

Enhance your beauty routine with our Morning Get Up & Glow™, a blend of collagen peptides, vitamin C, caffeine, biotin and hyaluronic acid that get your day glowing. Easily add our Morning Get Up & Glow™ to water, tea or juice for a brighter start to your morning.** 

Why It’s Awesome:

"I love mixing the Morning Get Up & Glow™ powder in my morning smoothie for the ultimate pick-me-up." - Olivia P. 

biotin supplements

Beauty Boost™

Enjoy beauty vibes all around thanks to our plant-based Beauty Boost™ capsules! A fab list of ingredients – vitamins C and E, biotin and folate – come together to provide you with hydrated skin, healthy hair and strong nails.** Two capsules and you're good-to-go!

Why It’s Awesome:

“The packaging is gorgeous and I’m super stoked to get my hair clients to buy these.” -Jaclyn S., @mindbodysoulandsparkles

“I've been using the Beauty Boost™ and love it so far! It’s an easy way to get some extra glow.**” -Gabby S., @simpleeasywhole

biotin supplements

Hair Boost™

Give your locks some TLC! Two of our plant-based Hair Boost™ capsules contain Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D & E to support healthy hair. Biotin is also included to help skin, hair and nails for a 360° approach to your beauty routine.**

Why It’s Awesome:

“The packaging is gorgeous and I’m super stoked to get my hair clients to buy these.” -Jaclyn S., @mindbodysoulandsparkles

“I was most excited to try Hair Boost™ because I feel like there are a lot of skincare products out there but not a ton that target hair!” Nikki J., @its_nicolettemarie

biotin supplements

Skin Hydration Boost™

Enjoy happy, hydrated skin, courtesy of our plant-based Skin Hydration Boost™ capsules. Beauty-loving ingredients, like 5x daily value of biotin and 2x daily value of vitamin C, help support healthier skin, hair and nails.** Plus, skin-quenching hyaluronic acid is included to help you maintain a dewy glow — all in two capsules.**

Why It’s Awesome:

“I’m super excited for Skin Hydration Boost™, because of all the working out I do. Just started taking them this week and I’m so excited to see a change!” -Joy J., @joyful__fitness

“My favorite thus far is the Skin Hydration Boost™. As someone with drier skin, I feel as if I have seen a noticeable difference in the appearance of my skin as well as plumpness in scars on my face from acne.**” -Liz J., @lazzledazzle

biotin supplements

Glow Collagen Shot

A glowing complexion is a sip away, thanks to our biotin supplement, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C enhanced Glow Collagen Shot. This yummy strawberry lemon elixir leans on these key ingredients to help enhance your body’s ability to produce collagen and support overall hair, skin, and nail health — all in one quick drink.**

Why It’s Awesome:

"When I'm in a hurry, Collagen Shots come to my rescue." - Tom S. 

the best biotin supplements

Collagen Beauty Glow™

For pescatarians who like to sip their way to hair, skin and nail support Collagen Beauty Glow™ is the answer to their beauty needs.** Designed with marine-based collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and probiotics, plus your daily dose of vitamin C and biotin (of course!), sip your way to an inner and outer glow in three refreshing flavor profiles.

Why It’s Awesome:

"I love the taste of this one! My skin is sooo smooth and glowing, I've been getting compliments since I started drinking this! It takes a little while to mix in with cold water, but after 2-3 minutes of stirring it’s good to go. The taste is very refreshing and not too sugary and sweet." - Nicole S. 

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