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How To Get Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

No one does hair like Jennifer Aniston.

She’s been the epitome of hair goals since the ‘90s when Friends fans dubbed her famous haircut, The Rachel. Now, it’s decades later, and people are still longing after her healthy, shiny locks. She’s basically the walking billboard of hair at its healthiest. Longing for similar results? There are some rules for healthy hair that you must follow.

For this, we turned to the experts. Follow their healthy hair tips and you’ll be inching closer to having healthy hair like Jen.  

How To Get Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

How To Get Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

use a leave-in conditioner and detangler 

Getting healthy hair like Jen starts with the products you’re using.

“Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist suggests different products for her to try, and this option turned out to be a real hair-saver,” says Nikki Goddard, a hairstylist and a senior editor at The Right Hairstyles.

“Conditioner formulas often include proteins and natural moisturizers that strengthen and repair hair.” She adds that the light texture makes strands weightless and protects the structure against UV and thermal damage. This is exceptionally useful if you reach for the heated styling tools often. 

How To Get Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

use the right products for your hair type

If you have color-treated hair (full head or highlights), celebrity hairstylist, Ricardo Rojas, suggests using a color-treated shampoo and conditioner. This will “protect the color from shading, whilst maintaining the shine and keeping the texture vibrant.”

Don’t be afraid to ask your colorist questions, adds Shelby Herrick, a master stylist. That’s what they’re there for! “Have conversations with them about how to keep your hair healthy.” 

Rojas also recommends incorporating a nourishing hair mask into your routine, especially during the summer. “Twice a month works great, and it’s an incredible way to maintain moisture.” Learn which hair mask you should be using here

wash your hair less

This might sound counter-productive to getting the healthiest hair of your dreams since washing it makes it clean, but there’s actually a science behind washing your hair less.

“Such practice is excellent for preserving color, pH balance of the scalp, and texture,” explains Goddard. She adds that you can use dry shampoo as a quick fix for grease. 

You can even get away with not washing your strands after a tough workout, Herrick says. “Don’t worry it won’t smell! You’ll be surprised. I promise. I hear all the time from clients that they think feel the need to wash after a vigorous workout. Not necessary, just restyle it.” 

Also, don’t forget about the temperature of water when washing it: “It should not exceed 100 °F – that allows keeping sebum production under control,” adds Goddard.

Want to learn more about saving your strands? Read about how to wash your hair less.

How To Get Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

use natural methods 

If you’ve ever wondered how to get healthy hair naturally, you’re in the right place. There are many DIY methods you can do at home — and they won’t break the bank. 

These methods may be a little old-school, but they’re tried-and-true for a reason. Some at-home treatments Herrick recommends include leaving mayonnaise to sit, rinsing with beer or using a coconut oil masque.

avoid using heated styling tools 

Heat damages your hair. That’s just the sad but honest truth. This is why Rojas recommends forgoing the straighteners and curlers whenever you can and finding a hairstyle that works with your natural look.

Can’t resist the allure of heat? Protect your hair using a thermal protectant spray. “Your hair thank you for it,” he says.

How To Get Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

eat a healthy, a balanced diet

When it comes to what to eat for healthy hair, celebrity hairstylist, Loretta Wollner, says that the hair is craving amino acids. “There are around 18 types of amino acids in your hair so definitely eat your protein, omegas help as well help to keep both hair and skin glowing.” 

Herrick agrees, adding that when his clients don’t get nutrition from protein, their hair is often weak and brittle.

In addition to a well-balanced diet, you can eat your way to a better mane by making sure these hair-boosting vitamins are part of your diet: vitamin A and vitamin C.

“Vitamin A is important in hair growth so think green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, and carrots,” says Wollner. “Vitamin C helps to produce collagen... which hair needs so try to include some strawberries, peppers, and citrus fruits in your diet.”

Herrick’s clients that take Vital Proteins Hair Boost ™ capsules have great results. “The key is consistency!” he adds.

get your ends trimmed at least every six weeks

Do this to prevent those stubborn split ends.

“Aniston’s hairstylist claims he cuts her hair once in six weeks: this is an optimal timing that allows both letting it grow and maintaining a healthy, freshly-cut look,” says Goddard.  

How To Get Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

don’t fall for the latest trend

One of the biggest lessons we can learn from Jen is this: she sticks to what looks good. “Although her hairstyle varies based on events, she stays herself. She tried many cuts but always picked what suits her face shape and overall appearance – not for nothing is she called the style icon!” says Goddard.  

For Jen, it’s her sleek middle part and Californian-style sun-kissed highlights. “That begs the conclusion: choose what matches your complexion and your vibe. You should feel comfortable with wearing and maintaining your hairstyle.”

To keep things simple, avoid the rat race of always chasing after the latest trend and stick to what works best for you and your hair.   

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