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Five Hair Trends to Bookmark For Fall

As the trees start shifting from green to vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange, you might be thinking about some fun ways to zhoosh it up to welcome the change in seasons. Fall in particular tends to elicit feelings of a fresh start and what better way to welcome it than with a new ‘do? Whether you’re in the market for a stylish cut or want to experiment with color, we rounded up a few of the top trends we’ll see all through autumn keep reading and get inspired to maybe justmaybetake a risk or two. 


Sarah Klein, a stylist withNine Zero Onesalon in Los Angeles, tells Lively that bangs and curtain bangs are all the rage right now. Before you make the leap, though, she notes that bangs can be a high maintenance style depending on how short and heavy you go. “Make sure to have your stylist check your face shape and the density of your hair to cater the length and style to be the most flattering,” she says. “You’ll also want to be prepared to come in often for bang trims and know how to style at home before you leave the salon.”

If you’re ready to take the plunge, but don’t want the maintenance of heavier bangs, the wispy, curtain bang look (think Brigitte Bardot or Farrah Fawcett) is a bit more easy and fuss-free in terms of daily styling (hello, air drying) and growing out (i.e. no need to hit the salon every two weeks or so for a trim).

‘90s Bouncy Layered Hair

Trends always seem to circle back around eventually and this fall we’ll see a bit of ‘90s nostalgia popping up in the way of layers. “Cutting lots of layers around the face and medium to long layers in the back creates body, bounce, volume and movement,” shares hairstylistKirsten Patterson. When recreating the look at home, styling is key — Patterson notes some of your go-to tools here may include a large round brush, round hair-dryer brush, velcro rollers or hot curlers. 

Warm Brunette With Subtle Dimension

Klein shares that we've had the Hailey Bieber brunette trend for a while now and there’s no sign of it slowing down as we head into sweater weather. “What I’m predicting for fall will be a richening of the base color thanks to some extra warmth along with a bit of dimension applied to the mid-lengths and ends of hair,” she says, adding that the result will be tresses which display an effortless, seamless glow. The good news if you’re not one to keep up with salon visits? “This is meant to be a low maintenance color that would only require a gloss touch up when necessary,” Klein notes.

Copper Tones

Copper is a great color for fall, so this is a fun one to experiment with if you’re looking for a change. “While this style is fresh and cheeky, reds, coppers and auburns can be tricky, so you definitely want to get a professional colorist to customize the shade to your skin tone,” recommends Patterson. Chad Kenyon, celebrity colorist and Olaplex ambassador, cautions that coppers and golds are no doubt vibrant, but can fade fast if not done perfectly — you may also need to hit the salon more frequently for a refresh. In terms of caring for this look at home, Kenyon recommends reaching forOlaplexN°.4 shampooandN°.5 conditioner. One last tip? “Always use cooler water when shampooing to keep the color rich,” says Patterson.

Honey Blonde 

Last, but certainly not least, honey blonde is another trending hue we’ll see in the coming months — think glossy, golden blonde that shimmers in the light. Klein shares that your stylist can help you achieve this look by adding golds and coppers to your toner after getting highlights. “This could be low or high maintenance depending on how much blonde you put in,” she adds and suggests shadowing the root for a seamless grow out. 

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