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The Liquid Collagen Products You Need in Your Life

Collagen is the name of the game at Vital Proteins®. And with benefits like helping to support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints,** why wouldn't it be? For those new to the VP family – and those who are in need of a little refresher – our collection includes a vast array of products, from collagen powders and Collagen Bars™ to liquid collagen. Why? We aim to make your daily collagen intake a seamless experience that is less of a chore and more of a don’t-have-to-think-about-it-twice addition to your lifestyle.

To learn more about our collagen products — from Collagen Shots™ to Collagen Waters™ — take a scroll below to find a fit for you.

The Liquid Collagen Products You Need in Your Life5

Does Drinking Liquid Collagen Really Work?

Liquid collagen is hydrolyzed collagen in ready-to-drink form. We may be known for our little blue tub (hello, Original Collagen Peptides!), but our on-the-go liquid collagen products are just as much of a standout as our OG. 

In fact, they are among the most popular items in our arsenal – and for good reason. Not only are our Collagen Water™ and Collagen Shots™ easy to bring on the go but they also boast their own unique offerings. Collagen Water™ offers a refreshing take on hydration boasting 10g of collagen and 1-3g of sugar per serving. Plus, it allows you to up your hydration game!

Collagen Shots™, on the other hand, contain 7g of collagen in every serving and boast purpose-driven, functional ingredients. You’ll also be thrilled to know that every collagen shot in our lineup includes 60mg of hyaluronic acid, a powerhouse ingredient that helps to support skin hydration and elasticity.** (Yep, they're that good!)

What Is The Best Liquid Collagen?

Collagen Water™

The Liquid Collagen Products You Need in Your Life

Look forward to boosting your hydration game on the go! We provide you with 6 different Collagen Water™ ($12 for 4-pack; shop now flavors – Lemon Slice, Strawberry Lemon, Peach White Tea, Blueberry Mint, Blackberry Hibiscus & Lemon Ginger – that contain 10g of collagen and 3g of sugar or less per serving.

a quick breakdown of vital proteins collagen water™

  • Lemon Slice: Squeeze in some refreshment with this offering, which is lightly flavored with lemon.
  • Strawberry Lemon: Let the sun in with this delicious twist on wellness.
  • Blueberry Mint: Take a dip into blueberry mint refreshment with this delicious duo.
  • Lemon Ginger: Ginger gets a lemon twist.
  • Blackberry Hibiscus: Deliciousness this berry minute.

What People Are Saying About Our Collagen Water™

  • POPSUGAR - “The water is dairy- and gluten-free has three grams of sugar, and is made without artificial colors or sweeteners (shout-out to monk fruit extract for a touch of natural sweetness).”
  • FORBES - “Vital Proteins’ new collagen waters: a light and refreshing way to boost your collagen intake.”
  • WELL + GOOD - “Bless Vital Proteins for providing a way that’s as simple as drinking water. (Hydration, FTW!)”

Vital Performance™ RECOVER Drink

vital performance drink

This post-workout supplement ($4; shop now on, available in Blackberry Lime, Yuzu Clementine and Citrus Fruits, provides a unique combination of collagen and a full-spectrum AA profile designed to help promote athletic longevity and keep you in the game.**

a quick breakdown of vital performance™ RECOVER Drink

What's inside every bottle: 14g of collagen, 6g of EAA, 4g of BCAA and refreshing ingredients.

How to use: Shake well. Consume 1 bottle during or after your workout. Refrigerate after opening. (Use as a supplement only. Do not use as a beverage.)

What's People Are Saying About Vital Performance™ RECOVER Drink

  • "This has been my go to post run drink for the last few weeks and I've noticed a huge difference in my recovery time." - Bridget L.
  • "This tastes so yummy. I LOVE this brand and I am so excited to try this new Vital Performance™ line!!" - Nicole M.

Collagen Shots™

The Liquid Collagen Products You Need in Your Life4

Our 6 different wellness shots – Restore, Glow, Defense, Sleep, Cleanse and Zen – help to support your daily functional health needs. Each travel-friendly shot ($54 for a 12-pack; shop now on is loaded with 7g of hydrolyzed collagen and are free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. They also contain 60mg of hyaluronic acid, a powerhouse ingredient that helps to support hydration and elasticity. Check out this quick breakdown: 

a quick breakdown of vital proteins collagen shots™

  • Restore: Containing good-for-you ingredients like tart cherry and turmeric, Restore is sure to become your new favorite post-workout aid.
  • Glow: Treat yourself to a glowing beauty routine with our skin-loving, strawberry lemon elixir. Ingredients biotin & vitamin C help to enhance our body’s ability to produce collagen and support overall hair, skin, and nail health.**
  • Sleep: Enjoy the sweetest dream with our delicate blend of blueberry and lavender to help you clock in those zzz’s. Ingredients like melatoninmagnesium and GABA help to support relaxation and a deep, restorative night’s sleep.**
  • Defense: With 7g of collagen and 300mg of turmeric, supporting your wellness routine is just a shot away. Looking for a way to help protect your body? Defense will quickly become your go-to.
  • Cleanse: The gut check you’ve always needed! Our Cleanse shot – loaded with apple cider vinegar, raspberry juice and lemon juice – is the ideal digestion aid** for when you’re on the move.
  • Zen: Find your inner peace with Zen, a shot that’s infused with relaxing chamomile and citrus notes. Ingredients L-theanine and magnesium citrate pull double duty (so you don’t have to!) to help support relaxation and mental alertness.**

What's People Are Saying About Our Collagen Shots™

  • "Considering my sleep schedule can be all over the page from working night shifts, I do sometimes need a little help getting to sleep. That's where the Sleep Collagen Shot™ comes in... I usually take it about an hour before bed and once it kicks in, I'm off to dreamland!" - Chelsea F.
  • "It's my favorite go-to pick-me-up to replace my morning coffee or take it as a pre-workout! Energy contains 90mg of caffeine from Coffeeberry® extract for alertness and focus, plus 150mg of Alpha GPC® for even more alertness, memory, brain energy, and for improving sports performance." - Jake K.

Where To Buy Liquid Collagen