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Here's The Scoop, There Isn't One

by Lively Blog Editors - November 15, 2022

We’re phasing out our plastic scoops—removing a little plastic from our products is a small but meaningful step toward a more responsible future. But we get it, you’re used to your tub coming with a scoop. Below, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs to help you help us during this transition. 

Why Is Vital Proteins® Going Scoopless?

Vital Proteins wants to ensure a positive impact not only on people's bodies and overall health, but also the world we live in.  

With products going scoopless, will the dosages be the same?

Though we’re removing our scoop, you can still expect the same bone, joint, hair, skin & nails benefits from collagen peptides that you know and love.**^

The recommended serving sizes will remain the same. We will simply change the instructions on the label, shifting from scoops to tablespoons. Exact instructions and measurements will be provided on each label for reference. 

One serving of Vital Proteins® Collagen Peptides (20g) is equivalent to 4 tablespoons. Refer to the instructions on your favorite product for the correct serving size.

What can I use to replace the scoop at home?

You can use the same tablespoon you use for cooking or baking to measure your favorite Vital Proteins® products.

Can I keep an old scoop and reuse it with future tubs?

Yes, feel free to save your old scoops and reuse them. Note that the recommended serving sizes will remain the same. We will simply change dosing instructions on our packs, shifting from scoops to tablespoons. Exact instructions will be provided on each label for your reference.

How will I know if the canister I received is scoopless?

As we make this change, you will see a label on the tub that reads “The same collagen you love, without the plastic scoop.” Additionally, you’ll notice that the supplement facts panel and directions are measured in tablespoons (Tbsp) rather than scoops.

Why does my tub still have a scoop? I thought you said they would be removed?

Vital Proteins aims to be 100 percent scoopless by the end of 2024. During this transition, some products will have a scoop and some will not. This will be made clear by a callout on the label.

What other sustainability initiatives does Vital Proteins have underway?

In addition to removing our scoops, we’re working toward our sustainability goals by modifying our shipping practices to reduce our carbon footprint, prioritizing partnerships with sustainability-focused suppliers for ingredients and packaging, offsetting 100% of the electricity usage at our manufacturing facility with renewable energy offsets, working toward using more recyclable and sustainable packaging, and adding the How2Recycle badge to all our packaging. And that’s just the beginning.