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Vital Proteins® And Jennifer Aniston Launch New Campaign & Protein and Collagen Bars

What keeps me vital? Nowadays, the simple things are vital. Movement, rest, friends, and Vital Proteins. Every moment is vital. Because you are vital.”
- Jennifer Aniston

jordan smith - May 09, 2022

Jennifer Aniston joined the Vital Proteins® team as Chief Creative Officer in 2020. Since stepping into this role, the award-winning actor has helped to bring Vital Proteins’ mission — empowering others to live fuller, more vibrant lives — to the world. And now, Aniston has collaborated with Vital Proteins to put her own unique spin on an exciting new product—Vital Proteins® & Jennifer Aniston™ Collagen and Protein Bars.

From the onset of our partnership, Aniston wanted to be involved in product innovation and the go-to-market process so that she could incorporate ingredients into products that would help people on their wellness journeys. And be delicious. Which led to our latest indulgent innovation. Trust us, it’s just so good.

Aniston regularly consumes bars, but none were quite right. So, she wanted to create a smaller-sized bar that better fit her lifestyle and included key ingredients she had not seen in bars to date. After a year of collaboration with Vital Proteins, this three-bar collection, available in Peanut Butter Fudge, Cold Brew Coffee and Dark Chocolate Coconut flavors, was designed and developed. The exciting and innovative ingredients featured in the bars are inspired by ingredients Aniston would put in her shakes. (Sign up here to get a first look ahead of the official bar launch on May 23.)

“I spent the last year collaborating closely with the Vital Proteins team on this new bar collection, helping to handpick the ingredients and flavors that I love. I can’t wait for people to try them out,” Aniston tells us.

Aniston has been using Vital Proteins since before 2016 — well before our Instagram-famous blue tub became a fixture on social feeds everywhere. She incorporates Vital Proteins products to stay on track with her wellness goals and has noticed an improvement in how she looks and feels since adding collagen to her daily routine.**^

Vital Note: Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein and helps to support hair, skin, nail, bone and joint health. As we grow older, however, our body’s natural collagen production begins to decline. That’s where Vital Proteins comes in.

Now more than ever, many are focused on their health and wellness efforts. Aniston’s beautifully crafted journey showcases real habits and rituals that she has recently integrated into her daily routine, such as journaling. The new campaign encourages viewers to champion the small, simple ways to commit to wellness. No matter how you personally define what wellness means to you, every moment is vital.

“The recent prioritization of health and wellness was an integral piece of the creative campaign strategy,” said Tracey Halama, CEO of Vital Proteins. “We believe Vital Proteins can unite people with a source of optimism and reassurance no matter how you pursue your goals.”

The new campaign launches today, May 9, and is told through the lens of mixed media. The campaign is a scrapbook of film, photography, and never-before-seen personal photos that tell the story of Aniston’s wellness journey and how her daily routine with Vital Proteins supports her commitment to wellness every step of the way.

Filmed by director Damien Chazelle, still photography by Cass Bird, with originally composed music by American film composer Justin Hurwitz, the content will appear across broadcast, streaming, digital and social media.