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Just For You: Enjoy This Military Discount

At Vital Proteins®, we are committed to supporting our communities. One way we do this is by providing a special perk for those serving others — our military members! Scroll on to learn about our military discount, and how first-responders and teachers can get in on this too. (Consider it our way of saying "thank you!" for all that you do!)

What Is The Military Discount?

Vital Proteins is proud to honor those in the armed forces. We doing this by offering a military discount of 15% off an order* of all your favorite collagen products.

military discount

How Do I Get My Military Discount?

Great question! Navigate over to this page, or see below to learn how you can access this special offer.

  1. Click "Get Code" on this page and sign into VerifyPass to proceed.
  2. After being verified, you'll receive a one-time discount code to apply at checkout.
  3. To keep the good stuff coming, return to the same page and repeat step one for future purchases. (Note: We only accept one code per 24 hours.)

Who Is Included In The Military Discount?

In addition to those in the armed forces, we are pleased to offer the same military discount — 15% off!* — to first-responders (including police, fire and EMTs) and teachers (including Pre-K, K-12 and professors). Again, this is our way of showing our appreciation for these special groups!

What Are The Best Products To Get With My Military Discount?

We're glad you asked! A good starting point is our Original Collagen Peptides (in the blue tub). It's easily our most versatile offering as it can dissolve in hot and cold liquids and can be mixed into everything from coffee to stews to desserts since it's unflavored and odorless. In addition to bovine collagen, it boasts two more ingredients — skin-loving hyaluronic acid and vitamin C  for a collagen routine that's thrice as nice!

Or, if you're a coffee drinker, try our line of Vital Proteins Collagen Creamers®! These flavored non-dairy creamers are packed with collagen and MCTs from organic coconut milk powder to ensure a tasty start to your day. Another way to uplevel your morning routine is with our fan-favorite Matcha Collagen, a best-seller containing Japanese matcha and bovine collagen that provides a natural energy boost.**

If you're still looking for more options, this article rounds up the best products for you based on your unique tastes and preferences. Of course, going off the reviews of others can be helpful too, so check out this piece to see what others are saying about them. 

Lastly, What Are The Benefits Of Taking Collagen?

Want to know how stocking up on collagen (at a discounted rate!) can benefit you? Here's an overview on how collagen works: Collagen is the body's most abundant protein. Thanks to collagen, we're better able to move, bend and stretch. Our Original Collagen Peptides ($27; shop now) help support healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, bones, ligaments and tendons.** 

Now that you're in the know, click on over to this page to start filling your cart!

*Get 15% off your order (non-subscription) as a thank you from us at Vital Proteins. Discount may not be used in combination with any other offer/discount, is not valid during certain promotional periods, and is for a unique one-time use code. Discount may not be used in combination with third party loyalty, reward, or cash-back programs. Must use your unique code to redeem discount. Discount not valid on merchandise, bundles, sets, kits, e-giftcards, subscriptions, Wholesale orders, items noted as not eligible, or items that are not in stock at the time of purchase. Discount cannot be applied to previously placed orders. Discount applied to authorized purchases only. Only authorized orders will be processed and shipped. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of discount and to modify or cancel this promotion due to system error or unforeseen problems. Other restrictions may apply.

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