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Breaking Down The Health Benefits Of MCTs

MCTs are a hot topic in the health and nutrition communities these days. A large part of their success is thanks to the popularity of food trends like butter coffee, a caffeinated concoction made from high-quality coffee and fats, often derived from butter or coconut oil. People seem truly wowed by these morning brews, claiming that they provide tons of extra energy, boost brain function and generally result in increased energy and happiness. But what are MCTs, exactly? And why would you want to add them to your coffee (or anything else, for that matter)?

What Are MCTs?

MCT stands for ‘medium-chain triglycerides.’ Triglycerides are a type of molecule composed of glycerol, a neutral liquid, and fatty acids that have 6-12 carbon atoms. This number of carbon atoms is what distinguishes MCTs from LCTS, or long-chain fatty acids.

The reason MCTs are so special is because they are easily metabolized by the liver, which makes them much more efficient for energy production than other kinds of fats**.

The Benefits of MCTs

So, you have a fat that’s easily metabolized and quickly converted to energy. This energy boost has numerous positive side effects, with many users reporting decreased brain fog and sustained vitality overall. Additionally, because people tend to burn more energy when they’re in this state, MCTs have been correlated with optimal weight management. This makes MCTs a fantastic component of a healthy diet.

Best Sources of MCTs

Because MCTs are so trendy, they are now available in a wide variety of products. However, if you’re interested in a whole food-based source of these healthy fats, you need look no further than coconut.

Coconut contains naturally occurring MCTs, and in fact, most MCT oil products get their MCTs by extracting it from coconut. Simply mix coconut oil into your coffee and use it in your recipes to get all the benefits of MCTs.

Or, for an even bigger health boost, add Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer into your daily cup of coffee. This dairy-free creamer is made from coconut milk, which gives it all the benefits of naturally occurring MCTs. It also packs a huge protein punch, as it contains 10g of health-promoting collagen protein from bovine (read more about the health benefits of collagen here). Collagen and MCTs? It doesn’t get much more nourishing than that!