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Collagen Reviews: See What People Are Saying About Our Products

Vital Proteins® houses a lot of different collagen products. From our hydrolyzed Original Collagen Peptides to our refreshing Hydration** + Collagen, there's something for every type of lifestyle. If you’re considering reaching for something new, check out any of the following best sellers. And to find out what people really think about our collagen products, keep scrolling to read Vital Proteins collagen reviews.

vital proteins reviews

Original Collagen Peptides Reviews

"You can feel the effects in your joints ... I know I'm doing so much good for my body."  Victor M.

"I can tell a difference in my body when I don't use it!" – Catherine G.

"I usually have very thin, brittle nails … But now, they're growing thicker and healthier!!" – Aly Z.

"My hair is growing longer, stronger and shinier, too." – Farah T.

"It's helped my skin glow." – Tavleen D.

"The results are amazing. I noticed within 3 weeks my skin was more plump and glowing. My hair has also become a lot more fuller. I have been using this product for 4 months now." – Ravinder S.

Hydration** + Collagen Reviews

"Hydration** + Collagen is a game changer for me as it has simplified my consumption of collagen and my daily hydration (water + pink Himalayan salt) into one simple packet added to water." — Jake K.

"My hydration game has literally never been cooler. I’ll definitely be working the Hydration** + Collagen into my electrolyte rotation." — Hannah T.

"I cannot get enough! The taste is amazing and I love that I'm getting collagen along with my electrolytes when I'm working out or just when I'm trying to increase my hydration during the work day. Highly recommend!!!!" — Kat C.

"Staying hydrated is key, which is why I use Hydration** + Collagen in Lemon Lime during all my workouts. I just add one stick pack to my water bottle, shake & sip. I love that it's not too sweet like other hydration supplements. Plus, there's collagen in every serving which is a nice bonus!" — Monice S.

Vital Proteins Wellness Gummies Reviews

"I am always looking for ways to support my immune system, which is why I love taking two Immune Support** Gummies first thing every morning. Each serving has 10mg of ginger extract in addition to immune-supporting nutrients like vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3.**" — Olivia C.

"I keep my beauty routine super easy, so I love that Vital Proteins® Beauty Gummies are just grab-and-go. They taste like candy – an energizing burst of strawberry flavor. I also like that they’re naturally flavored, free of synthetic colors, and full of biotin, which is great for skin, hair and nails.**" — Jessica E.

"The Collagen Gummies are a simple, delicious way to add a boost of something good to my routine which also happens to taste like a fruit snack. I don't use many supplements, but these gummies involve relatively no effort which I love." — Keith D.

"I love Vital Proteins® Women's Multi Gummies because they're a quick and easy way to get my wellness fix in — no matter what I have planned. I simply chew on 2 (morning or evening!) to help support immune health and boost my daily energy.** Convenient self-care? Yes, please!" — Sarah S.

Vital Performance™ Protein Bar Reviews

"Whether it's for a quick pre-workout snack, something quick to grab after a workout, a snack on the go with work, a night snack or something easy to pack when traveling, Vital Performance™ Protein Bars are an instant go-to for me to keep me fueled day-in and day-out." — Zack C.

"The Vital Performance™ Protein Bars are filling and taste absolutely amazing. I like to have them whenever I am craving anything sweet." — Michael M.

"I am an Elite Instructor, so when it comes down to it, I love something quick and easy in between my rides and/or workouts! It allows me to continually show up at 110 percent for myself, my members, and my community! They taste like candy, but they are actually healthy and essential for the body to be the best it can be!"  — Shelby R.

"I always pack a Vital Performance™ Protein Bar for my hiking trips. It’s a tasty snack that gives me a boost with every bite." — Chris H.

vital proteins collagen reviews


Collagen Bars™ Reviews

"…  the Lemon Vanilla Collagen Bar™ is freakin’ bomb. It’s really delicious. My rule with protein bars is that it needs to have less than 3g of sugar and more than 10g of protein and again, this one has 17g of protein and 1g of sugar."  Katie D.

"Collagen Bars™, the perfect on-the-go snack!"  Ashley R.

"Holy s--- these are good."  Rachael D.

"Actually, really frickin' good. Honestly was worried because I don’t like bars but this tastes like lemon cake."  Kayla M. 


vital proteins reviews


Collagen Water™ Reviews

"Whether I'm driving into San Francisco to check out the Ferry Building's Saturday Farmers Market or crusin' with my pup, I always bring snack and Collagen Water™ to satisfy my cravings and stay hydrated!" – Jenn R.

"My husband and I love this! It’s easy to grab and go."  Vanessa S.

"[Blueberry Mint is] my favorite flavor of Collagen Water™ hands down."  Haley H.

"It's absolutely delicious and completely satisfies my usual mid-afternoon sugar craving."  Stephanie T.

vital proteins reviews

Collagen Latte™ Supplement Reviews

"I like to make a morning mocha with the Hot Cocoa Collagen Latte™ supplement! Tastes great and mixes well with coffee." – Kimberly R. 

"Actually, I wasn’t sure that I would like it, but it is amazing! Not too sweet, just the right amount of cocoa. Would definitely buy again!" – Barbara L.

"I LOVE the Madagascar Vanilla. I put it in my hot chocolate every day. It’s amazing! Well worth the wait." – Brittany P.

"I love the taste of it, and how there is no gross aftertaste and that it doesn’t change the consistency of my coffee that I mix it with. Add it to a hazelnut flavored coffee and it’s to die for!" – Ashley S.

vital proteins reviews

Matcha Collagen & Matcha Collagen Latte Supplement Reviews 

"First-time buyer and must say that I am absolutely satisfied with this product so far. What a great combination of collagen and good quality matcha. I mix one scoop of this with 8 oz. of chilled almond milk into a shaker bottle and it tastes great! I was looking for a matcha powder mix for some time and so glad I found this to apply to my morning routine. Will continue to purchase this in the future.” – Mila C.

"Delicious with no unpleasant aftertaste whatsoever! Dissolves completely - no powdery chunks or chalky texture. It even foams like a latte if you shake it! Would definitely recommend!" – Nicole H.

"This collagen is so heavenly! This is very versatile. It is delicious as a hot or cold beverage." – EmiLee S.

vital proteins reviews

Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer® Reviews

"This Vital Protein Collagen Creamer® is a creamy, tasty way to sneak in some collagen! Yum." – Laura U.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CREAMER! Can’t start my day without it!" – Kara L.

"The Collagen Creamer is my jam! Tastes great and dissolves nicely in my coffee." – Jessica B.

"This has replaced cream in my morning coffee … creamer with benefits!" – Deborah F.

"Love it! Great taste and easy to blend!" – Wilma N.

vital proteins collagen powder reviews

Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen® Reviews

"[Lavender Lemon Beauty Collagen] is downright delicious and refreshing!!!"  Anita H.

"I add [Strawberry Lemon Beauty Collagen] to all my morning smoothies!" – Bridget L.

"I really enjoyed [Tropical Hibiscus Beauty Collagen] in my hot tea."  Luis G.

"[Watermelon Mint Beauty Collagen] tastes like you're having a watermelon mojito but with good benefits!" – Tiffany M.

"I love the taste of [Lavender Lemon Beauty Collagen]! My skin is sooo smooth and glowing. I've been getting compliments since I started drinking this! It takes a little while to mix in with cold water, but after 2-3 minutes of stirring it’s good to go. The taste is very refreshing and not too sugary and sweet." – Nicole S.

morning get up and glow collagen

Morning Get Up & Glow™ Powder Reviews

"So delicious and refreshing! I look forward to having my Morning Get Up & Glow™ powder in the mornings! So great in a beverage, especially in the summer." – Kacie Diamond, @coldsweatwithkacie 

"Morning Get Up & Glow™ was one of my favorites because of its great flavor and the caffeine was just enough to get me going for the day  whether it was for a workout or to get started on work!" – Krystal Goodman, @thekleannutritionist

"I love the idea of getting caffeine and a collagen boost in one product that can be added to my water during a workout." – Kerry Fleiser, @kerfleis_fitandwellness

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