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An RD Explains How Hydration** + Collagen Is Changing The Wellness Space

Welcome to #VitalVersity, where our in-house wellness experts break down the latest health trends, new Vital Proteins® products & more.

Amp up your hydration with Hydration** + Collagen, an electrolyte powder supplement (available in Lemon Lime & Tropical Blast) that’s joining our Vital Proteins family as the hydration supercharger** your routine has been missing! We enlisted one of our in-house registered dietitians, Jake Kocinski, RD, to answer your most pressing questions about this summer must-have, its ingredients & how it stands out from the competition. Keep reading to learn more.

Lively: Before we dive into all things Hydration** + Collagen, let’s talk hydration as a whole. Why is it so important?

Jake Kocinski: Hydration is critical for your everyday routine! It helps regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients to cells, keeps organs functioning, etc. We lose water not only through urine and sweat, but through normal breathing. Being properly hydrated also helps with mood, brain function and sleep quality!

L: What makes Hydration** + Collagen a game changer? 

JK:Every Vital Proteins fan knows we’re big on coming out with new, innovative products that disrupt the wellness space — and this one's no exception. Hydration** + Collagen is the first-ever hydration product on the market that contains collagen! It not only provides you with key electrolytes to enhance the absorption of water but also provides support to your bones, and joints as well as hair, skin and nails!** 

hydration + collagen

L: Aside from the addition of collagen, is there anything else you think electrolyte powder fans are going to love?

JK: Not only do our dairy- and gluten-free Hydration** + Collagen stick packs contain electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium for hydration, but it also only has 1g of functional sugar per serving. This is definitely a differentiator when compared to other hydration drinks that might be full of sugar, fructose or artificial sweeteners such acesulfame potassium, sucralose or aspartame!

L: Collagen Water™ is also great for elevating your hydration game. How is Hydration** + Collagen different? 

JK: Hydration** + Collagen is a low-sodium, effective* hydration** supplement that combines electrolytes, collagen, vitamin C and B vitamins that users can feel good about consuming every single day. We add 1g of a non-GMO functional sweetener, which helps sodium enter the bloodstream more quickly and efficiently so users feel refreshed and rehydrated. 

Hydration** + Collagen balances the nutrition guidelines of the World Health Organization and the natural diet, which allows users to experience the benefits of effective* hydration** while simultaneously promoting overall wellness.

hydration plus collagen

L: When should it be taken?

JK: Hydration** + Collagen can be taken every day — no matter what your lifestyle looks like! Personally, this product was a game changer for me as it has simplified my consumption of collagen and my daily hydration (water + pink Himalayan salt) into one simple packet added to water! Sometimes I'll add a packet to my water in the morning. Or, I'll have it during a tough workout to be sure I'm staying hydrated as well as helping support my bones, joints and tendons!**

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