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3 Immune-Boosting Products That Support Your Wellness**

by grace gavilanes - May 28, 2021

Supporting your immune system with easy-to-use supplements is key to a fuller, more vibrant life.** Luckily, Vital Proteins® has got your back with these trio of standout supplements that do just that. Keep scrolling to find your perfect match.

immune support gummies

1. Immune Support** Gummies

Ready to put your best self forward? Say hello to your new wellness wonder: citrus-flavored Immune Support** Gummies that help boost your daily wellness routine. Functional ingredients like zinc, vitamin C and ginger extract come together to support your immune health with every bite.** Think of each gummy as support you can chew. Does not contain collagen.

defense collagen smoothie mix

2. Defense** Collagen Smoothie Mix

Strengthen your wellness routine with every sip! Our Defense** Collagen Smoothie Mix combines antioxidant vitamins and hydrolyzed collagen for a well-blended addition to your daily routine. A smoothie that supports your immune system?** Plus, this one powdered supplement streamlines your smoothie routine by cutting out prep time. All you have to do is combine 2 scoops with 12 fl. oz. of cold water, blend & enjoy. Sip, sip, hooray!  


3. Vital Proteins Vitality® Immune Booster**

Looking for an immune boost? Introducing Vital Proteins Vitality® Immune Booster,** available in Clementine and Grape Citrus. Help keep yourself at 100 — no matter the season** — with L-glutamine, zinc, vitamin C, collagen and immune-supporting Wellmune®* and Immuno-LP20®. Combine 1 packet with 16 fl. oz. cold water, mix thoroughly & enjoy.

*a registered trademark of Kerry Group

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