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Breaking Vital News: We Just Added 3 NEW Wellness Gummies To Our Collection

Welcome to #VitalVersity, where our in-house wellness experts break down the latest health trends, new Vital Proteins® and Vital Performance™ products & more.


ICYMI: Vital Proteins® Wellness Gummies are here, and today we’re adding three NEW Wellness Gummies to further boost your wellness with every bite. In addition to our OG trio — Collagen Gummies, Beauty Gummies & Women’s Multi Gummies — our bite-sized collection now includes three functional powerhouses: Immune Support** Gummies, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies & Sleep Gummies.

Our in-house functional nutrition expert, Olivia Peláez, gave us a crash course on the newest adds to our collection, their standout ingredients and their multiple benefits. Keep scrolling for the Q&A.

wellness gummies

Lively: And then there were six! How are these three new Wellness Gummies different from the others?

Olivia Peláez: Similar to our first batch of Wellness Gummies, our second collection of supplements boasts unique ingredients designed to meet your wellness needs. Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies support gut health,** Immune Support** Gummies support immune health,** and Sleep Gummies support healthy and restful sleep, and promote relaxation!** Whatever your wellness needs are, we’ve got Wellness Gummies for you. 

L: How are these Wellness Gummies different from others in the wellness space?

OP: One of my favorite callouts is that ALL our Vital Proteins® Wellness Gummies are free of artificial flavors and synthetic colors. For example, our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies get their color from sweet potato, cherry and radish, while our Immune Support** Gummies get their color from carrot and apple. Clean labels for the win! Additionally, we source premium ingredients like L-selenomethionine, found in our Immune Support** Gummies, which is the most bioavailable, absorbable form of selenium.

L: Is there an ingredient in each of these Wellness Gummies that you consider a standout?

OP: Let’s talk about ‘the mother.’ Our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are made with ‘the mother,’ which refers to the combination of yeast and bacteria formed during the fermentation of apples. It consists of strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria to support gut health and aid in digestion.**

Our Immune Support** Gummies boast a variety of immune-supporting ingredients like zinc, vitamin C and ginger extract but the standout ingredient is selenium.** We have incorporated selenium in its most bioavailable and absorbable form, L-selenomethionine. 

If you’re looking for a more restful night’s sleep, definitely reach for our Sleep Gummies which have a unique combination of melatonin and L-theanine to promote relaxation.**

wellness gummies

L: Who should be adding these Wellness Gummies to their routine?

OP: Anyone who wants to reap wellness benefits in a chewy, tasty gummy format! We love recommending these Wellness Gummies to those who are experiencing pill or capsule fatigue and want to switch up their wellness routine.

L: Can you take these Wellness Gummies with other Vital Proteins products? 

OP: Of course! Gummies can easily be added to your existing wellness routine as a (delicious!) complement to your collagen routine. You can choose to add one, two or all six Wellness Gummies to your daily regimen. If you're looking for specific collagen recommendations, check out our Collagen Calculator™. Using information like your age, sex and protein diet, our proprietary on-site equation helps to determine your recommended daily collagen intake. This Collagen Calculator™ is meant for educational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice or act as a substitute for seeking such advice from a qualified health professional. It's been designed around our products, and can't make any assumptions, or recommendations, about other companies' products. 

wellness gummies

L: Is there a perfect time to take these Wellness Gummies?

OP: The Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and Immune Support** Gummies can be enjoyed anytime of the day. No surprise here, but the Sleep Gummies are designed to be enjoyed before bedtime to support a restful night’s sleep.** 

L: Do you have a favorite Wellness Gummy?

OP: I am always looking for ways to support my immune system, which is why I love taking two Immune Support** Gummies first thing every morning. Each serving has 10mg of ginger extract in addition to immune-supporting nutrients like vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3.**

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