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How 4 People Add Our Wellness Gummies To Their Daily Routines

by grace gavilanes - May 27, 2021

To celebrate the launch of Vital Proteins® Wellness Gummies, we asked four different people to share how they add our NEW Immune Support** GummiesBeauty Gummies, Women’s Multi Gummies and Collagen Gummies to their daily routines.

Keep scrolling to get inspired, then head over to vitalproteins.com/pages/vital-gummies to shop the collection.

olivia pelaez

Immune Support** Gummies: Olivia P., Vital Proteins®' Training & Education Program Manager

My current wellness routine: As Vital Proteins' in-house functional nutrition expert, I get to try many of our products on a regular basis. I use our Original Collagen Peptides in smoothies every day without fail, but sometimes I need something quick. Nothing makes me happier than one-step collagen routines.

How I add Immune Support** Gummies to my daily routine: I am always looking for ways to support my immune system, which is why I love taking two Immune Support** Gummies first thing every morning. Each serving has 10mg of ginger extract in addition to immune-supporting nutrients like vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3.**

 jessica estrada

Beauty Gummies: Jessica E., Editor & Spiritual Life Coach

My current beauty routine: I’m a minimalist at heart when it comes to my beauty routine. I just stick to the essentials such as toner, cleanser, vitamin C serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. And I drink lots of water too. 

How I add Beauty Gummies to my daily routine: Like I said, I keep my beauty routine super easy, so I love that Vital Proteins® Beauty Gummies are just grab-and-go. They taste like candy – an energizing burst of strawberry flavor. I also like that they’re naturally flavored, free of synthetic colors, and full of biotin, which is great for skin, hair and nails.** 

keith devas

Collagen Gummies: Keith D., Financial Analyst & Avid Runner

My current wellness routine: My current wellness routine involves trying to fit in at least thirty minutes of exercise every day, eating food that provides nourishment and energy, and staying hydrated. I run frequently so recovery, whether it be through restorative yoga or making sure I get enough sleep (8-9 hours), is also important.

How I add Collagen Gummies to my daily routine: I see myself taking these gummies with breakfast every day. They are a simple, delicious way to add a boost of something good to my routine which also happens to taste like a fruit snack. I don't use many supplements, but these gummies involve relatively no effort which I love.

sarah schuh

Women's Multi Gummies: Sarah S., Writer & New Mom

My current wellness routine: I'm a big advocate for morning and evening routines. I currently start my mornings with coffee and 1-2 scoops of Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Creamer®. Once I'm done sipping on this dairy-free beverage, I'll head outside for a walk to clear my head before starting the day. Come evening, I'll unwind after dinner with a mug of lemon tea, light a favorite candle and grab a good read! These two things help get me through my week!

How I add Women’s Multi Gummies to my daily routine: As much as I'm for sticking to routines, life sometimes gets busy! I feel so much guilt when I skip my morning mug of coffee + collagen or can't get outside for my daily walk. Therefore, I love Vital Proteins® Women's Multi Gummies because they’re a quick and easy way to get my wellness fix in — no matter what I have planned. I simply chew on 2 (morning or evening!) to help support immune health and boost my daily energy.** Convenient self-care? Yes, please!

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