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What 7 Athletes Really Think About Our Protein Bars

Whether your athletic journey consists of getting more steps in, running a marathon or building strength, having fuel you can take on the go is key — bonus points if it's better for you and tastes good.

Enter: Vital Performance™ Protein Bar ($36; shop now on Keep reading to learn how 7 people add Vital Performance™ Protein Bars (available in Chocolate Almond, Salty Chocolate Peanut & Vanilla Coconut) to their daily routines and how they really feel about this anytime snack. Plus, Lively shares an easy, no-bake recipe that calls for one of our bars. 

What 7 People Had To Say About Our Protein Bars

"Whether it's for a quick pre-workout snack, something quick to grab after a workout, a snack on the go with work, a night snack or something easy to pack when traveling, Vital Performance Protein Bars are an instant go-to for me to keep me fueled day-in and day-out,"

— Zack Colls, PT, DPT, CSCS, USA-W

"My favorite flavor is Peanut Butter Chocolate. I eat one in the morning before my cardio workout. It tastes great!"

— George Brown, IFBB Pro

"The Vital Performance™ Protein Bars are filling and taste absolutely amazing. I like to have them whenever I am craving anything sweet."

Michael Mirgalia, Professional Athlete

"The bars are perfect for an on-the-go snack or when I’m craving something sweet. I love the crunch and texture."

Shea Kelly, Fitness & Health Professional

"I am an Elite Instructor, so when it comes down to it, I love something quick and easy in between my rides and/or workouts! It allows me to continually show up at 110 percent for myself, my members, and my community! They taste like candy, but they are actually healthy and essential for the body to be the best it can be!"

Shelby Ruth, Elite Instructor, Founder of projectRIDE, Creator of ShelbSpeaks

"They make a great in between meal snack. I like to eat one between lunch and dinner before I head to the gym."

Savannah Mae, Vital Advocate

"I always pack a Vital Performance™ Protein Bar for my hiking trips. It’s a tasty snack that gives me a boost with every bite."

Chris Hoto, Accountant


Easy Recipe Idea: Coconut Candy Bites


Each Coconut Candy Bite features our low-lactose Protein Bar as the bottom layer, a creamy coconut filling as the middle layer and a crisp chocolate shell to top it off! While a Vital Performance™ Protein Bar gives the candy a nice protein kick, the coconut butter and coconut oil add a ton of healthy fats, while the cashew butter and honey create the perfect texture-flavor combination. Get the full recipe here.

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