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Why I'm Adding Hydration** + Collagen To My Daily Routine

It's the summer of wellness and we're all ready to refresh our daily routines. Our new Lively series will highlight all things hydration to help you live a fuller, more vibrant life with every sip.

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Hannah Tate is the Retail Marketing Manager at Vital Proteins®. Here, she writes about trying our newest collagen supplement,Hydration** + Collagen. Keep reading to learn why she’s adding this electrolyte powder to her daily regimen. All views are her own.

When it comes to electrolytes, you can say I know a thing or two. I always have some within reach whether it’s in my work bag, purse, workout tote or on my nightstand. They are so essential to me that when I packed for a two-week backpacking trip in South America, the item I placed carefully at the top of my pack and checked multiple times before leaving wasn’t my passport, it was my trusted electrolyte powder stash. (Editor’s note: Made up of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, electrolytes play an important role in balancing water in the body.)

hannah tate hydration + collagen

Electrolyte Powders + Me = A Love Story

I get dehydrated easily and am prone to dizzy spells, especially when I work out, which is why, much like my ChapStick®, I keep multiple electrolyte stashes lying around. One of the only ways I’ve been able to stay hydrated is by adding electrolytes to my water throughout the day. The great thing is there are so many electrolyte varieties to choose from — and yes, I’ve had them all. From electrolyte chews, concentrates and capsules to tablets, powders and drinks, I’ve figured out what works best for me when it comes to upping my hydration. But not all electrolytes are created equally. 

My favorite method of electrolytes are capsules since they’re small and require less water than powders, especially when I’m on the go. I'm also not a fan of electrolyte powders that contain a lot of sugar. I want to feel hydrated — not like I just consumed a handful of candy. That’s why when I found out Vital Proteins was coming out with Hydration** + Collagen — an electrolyte powder that contains 1g of functional sugar and collagen and helps promote effective* hydration** — I knew I had to try it. 

Since the start of quarantine, I’ve turned my dining room into a workout studio, complete with dumbbells that I picked up as soon as I saw they were available at the store again. It’s been so easy and convenient to use electrolyte powders when I’m doing my workouts from home. I can easily walk to my kitchen, grab electrolytes, pour, hydrate and get back to my workout. 

Hydration** + Collagen: The Verdict

I’ve been obsessed with Peloton®’s strength classes while practicing #wellnessfromhome. There are so many options to choose from and they make me feel like I just finished an in-person studio class. I tried the Hydration** + Collagen in Tropical Blast in water for one of my favorite strength classes. It dissolved really well in water and the taste was nice and light. By the end of the class, my legs were shaking (#lowerbody day) but I still felt hydrated and fresh throughout. 

hannah tate hydration + collagen

Although I finished the beverage on my cooldown walk around the neighborhood, the Tropical Blast flavor made me feel like I was walking on a beach instead of on my city block. (And isn’t that the feeling we’re all chasing?!) To mix things up the next day, I swapped flavors and reached for a Lemon Lime stick pack, which was equal parts tasty and refreshing. Choosing which flavor I'll be adding to my water will be the real challenge in the future!

My hydration game has literally never been cooler. I’ll definitely be working the Hydration** + Collagen into my electrolyte rotation. 

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Amp Up Your Hydration With Hydration** + Collagen