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Update Your Brunch Game With Matcha French Toast

If “more matcha, please!” is part of your everyday vocabulary, it’s time to treat yourself to a delicious and nutritious meal that satisfies the daily craving. Whether you’re into matcha lattes (who isn’t?!) or want to celebrate the warmer season with an epic matcha crepe cake, Lively has you covered with collagen recipes that contain antioxidant-rich Vital Proteins® Matcha Collagen. Today, we’re ready to update your breakfast and brunch game with a new take on an early-morning classic: Matcha French Toast.

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Vital Proteins' resident chef and social media coordinator Roxy Popkiewicz shared her own recipe for Matcha French Toast in the following video, the first in our “Cooking with Collagen” series. She uses go-to French toast ingredients like butter, eggs, sugar, and brioche bread, and adds in one scoop of our Matcha Collagen for flavor and health benefits. Our Matcha Collagen not only contains the amino acid L-theanine, but also helps to promote stronger hair, skin, nails, and joints. Double win!

"It's super fun for brunch, especially if you love matcha as much as I do!" Popkiewicz tells Livelyof the matcha-infused collagen recipe.

Matcha French Toast



  1. Cut the French bread into ½-inch thick slices. (If using a pre-cut loaf of bread, you can use the slices as they are.)
  2. Add a little milk to the Matcha Collagen first, making it into a smooth paste. Then add the matcha mix back into the rest of the milk, mixing well.
  3. Beat the eggs well, mix the milk into them, and mix in the sugar.  
  4. Dunk the bread into the egg mixture, coating each side well.
  5. Melt the butter and oil together in a frying pan and add the soaked bread slices. Cook each side until browned.
  6. Arrange slices on a plate with fresh berries and whipped cream.

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