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Your Self-Care Checklist: 20 Ways To Feel Your Best Today

Have you taken time out for yourself this week? If not, we're here to help you turn things around. Introducing our self care checklist, which is chock full of action items that will leave you feeling happy, refreshed, and ready to slay. 

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a full day of "for me" activities that will inspire you to live your best life — at least for today. We promise doing so will make conquering future days way easier. 

It’s about you right now. Take a look at this self care checklist to get started.

Your Self-Care Checklist

1. Create the ultimate relaxation hub by transforming your room into an at-home spa.

2. Binge-watch your most favorite show of all time — we're looking at you, Friends — while snacking on pizza, guac and something sweet.

3. Treat yourself to a more delicious morning by trying Vital Coffee Roasters, a globally-sourced, expertly-roasted coffee that perfectly pairs with Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer®, a dairy-free, gluten-free powdered creamer.

4. Curate a Spotify playlist of the songs that never fail to make you smile, dance, or feel relaxed.

5. Call your best friend or your mom. Or both.

6. Turn an empty journal into your gratitude journal. Write about your day, what made you happy, and what you’re thankful for.

self care checklist

7. Whip out your phone and listen to a hypnosis recording for 10 minutes. Not into meditation? Listen to an inspiring podcast instead.

8. Say goodbye to peach fuzz and try your hand at facial shaving.

9. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and tidy up your space. She swears you’ll feel better after doing so.

10. Log out of your social media accounts. Stay present.

11. Begin compiling a list of professional and personal goals. There’s a really good chance this activity will leave you feeling giddy about what’s to come.

12. Invest in a weighted blanket. It's supposed to help relieve stress.

13. DIY a natural face mask, like this 4-ingredient Oatmeal Honey Mask. Spoiler: One of the ingredients is Vital Proteins® Beef Gelatin.

14. Finally come to terms with the fact that diets are not sustainable.

15. Staying hydrated is key. Make sure you up your hydration game with Hydration** + Collagen, stick packs that provide a refreshing recharge.

16. Experiment with waking up two hours earlier every day for a week. Watch your productivity level skyrocket.

17. A fan of short-term experiments that might lead to glowing skin? Try this 3-day skin diet.

18. Head to the grocery store and pick up some ingredients to finally try that collagen-infused recipe you've been eyeing.

19. Take a workout class you've always been curious about. (You can't beat endorphins!) Follow it up with a Restore Collagen Shot for a boost.

20. Wind down with a cup of tea, made with hot water, one scoop of Collagen Beauty Glow®, and a lemon slice.