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I Tried Shaving My Face and Here's Why You Should, Too

By: Sarah McGill

Sarah McGill (@sarahfmcgill on Instagram) is a marketing coordinator in the natural & organic food industry by day and an indoor cycling instructor by night. She’s obsessed with all things wellness, beauty and Bravo TV. Here, she recounts the time she tried facial shaving.

I’ve always been one to try the latest beauty trend, but I’ll admit when I heard people were shaving their faces in the name of skincare, I was skeptical. It seemed unnecessary and an extra step in my routine that I didn’t need. That was until my favorite beauty blogger, Lauryn Evarts, creator of The Skinny Confidential blog, revolutionized facial shaving. She couldn’t say enough positive things about it and how everyone has been doing it – just not talking about it. So, with her advice, I bought the tools, followed her directions and said goodbye to peach fuzz. And said hello to smooth vibrant skin. Here’s why you should add it to your skincare routine, too.

Shaving Facial Hair: The Benefits

Smooth, Glowing Skin

When you shave your face, you are removing any dull skin that was present on the surface, in addition to the hair. It’s almost like an instant glow when you shave since your skin looks so fresh and revitalized.


We all know that shaving is exfoliating, so shaving your face is no different. Think of it as a daily or weekly (depending on how often you do it!) exfoliating mask for your skin. One of the major components of anti-aging and wrinkle prevention is exfoliation, so you’re now one step closer to preserving that youthful glow.

Smooth Makeup Application   

The first time I put makeup on after shaving my face I knew I was hooked forever. My primer and foundation went on so smoothly I was unsure how I survived this long without facial shaving. Think about it – with the hair on your face gone, you now have a smooth canvas to apply moisturizers and makeup. It’ll be a game changer in your makeup routine. Trust me.

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Facial Shaving Concerns

Let’s address the questions everyone always asks: “Will this make my hair grow back darker or thicker?” “Does shaving my face hurt?” and “Will it give me razor burn?” The answer to those questions is no, in my personal experience. Your hair is going to grow back, but it’s not any different than it was before. The feeling is like shaving your legs; not painful at all. If you are starting with clean skin and decide to moisturize right after, you’ll be on your way to smooth skin in no time.

facial shaving benefits

How to Get Started with Facial Shaving

Let’s talk about the razor first since it’s the most important step in the process. You won’t be using the same razor you use on your body for your face. Evarts recommends the Tinkle razors sold on Amazon –and so do I. They’re inexpensive, effective, and easy to clean.

Once you have the razor, make sure your face is washed, clean, and patted dry. Wait until you’re done shaving to apply any oils or moisturizers; it’s more effective on dry skin. Shave the desired areas and prepare to be amazed. There will be hair coming off, so keep a tissue handy to clean the razor in between strokes. When you’re all done, apply your favorite moisturizer. Follow up by sipping on a Glow Collagen Shot, which contains skin-saving ingredient hyaluronic acid, and experience glowing skin in no time!

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