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Quality coffee that’s thoughtfully and sustainably sourced.

What Makes Vital Coffee So Special

It's Always In Season

Like fruits, coffee should be enjoyed seasonally. This is vital in helping the coffee’s nutty, fruit-forward tasting notes truly shine through. And lucky for you, this one's at its prime.

It's Crafted With Care

Premium coffee beans are carefully selected in Colombia and roasted in small batches locally in Chicago where we help bring forth their fragrant flavor profile.

It’s Sustainable

Just like the rest of our Vital offerings, our Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee aligns with our commitment to sustainability and transparency. Quality over quantity is key for everyone involved, from farmer to roaster.

Curated for Coffee Lovers

Perk up your morning routine with our collagen lover’s Coffee Bundle!

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Collagen And Coffee

Boost your cup of joe with our best-selling collagen.

Amazing Coffee Is Rare

Amazing coffee that ranks among the best in the world? Even more so. These high-quality beans sourced from small farms in Colombia are hand-picked and harvested at the peak of ripeness. They’re then roasted locally in Chicago before making it to your favorite mug for a daily ritual you will always look forward to.

The Vital Guide To The Perfect Pour Over

Coffee Bundle
Total Brew Time: 4-5 minutes

What You Need:
• 27g medium ground coffee
• 400mL boiling water (205°F)
• Filter
• Your favorite pour-over brewer
How To Do It:
1. Prep your brew by pre-rinsing your coffee filter with hot water (205°F).
2. Discard the water and add 27g of medium ground coffee to the filter.
3. Pour 100mL of water over the grounds, starting in the center before spiraling outwards.
4. Continue to add 50mL of water every 30 seconds for up to 5 minutes.
5. Let the coffee drain and saturate.
6. Add your favorite collagen for a boost. Then serve & enjoy!