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The Best Sweat Proof Summer Makeup & Skincare Routine Advice

While spring and summer always get us pumped for beach getaways, there’s one thing we don’t look forward to: Sweating! Not only is it uncomfortable but sweating in the heat also makes our makeup slip and slide – and that is not cute for our summer makeup and skincare routine

To help you keep your makeup locked in place during warm-weather seasons, we enlisted the help of Los Angeles-based makeup artist Beth Follert. Here, she spills her top tips for a sweat proof beauty routine. Scroll on to stay in-the-know.

Sweat Proof Summer Makeup & Skincare Routine Advice

The Best Sweat Proof Summer Makeup & Skincare Routine Advice

1. Carry Blotting Papers in Your Purse 

Instead of packing on another layer of makeup when your face gets a little shiny, Follert recommends whipping out some blotting papers instead. “If you’re starting to shine and sweat a little bit, just blot gently with blotting papers,” she says. “You don’t have to reapply makeup. They’re very effective at not messing up the makeup and absorbing the shine.” Luckily, blotting papers are so paper-thin (no pun intended!), they’re easy to slip inside the smallest of purses, clutches or beauty bags.

2. Prep Your Skin 

Sweat-proofing your makeup begins with the prep work. Follert recommends ensuring your skin is moisturized and hydrated. And most importantly, make sure you cool off before you apply any makeup – even if that means splashing some cool water on your face. “I don’t suggest doing your makeup when you’re really hot,” she says. “If you’re already sweating, your makeup isn’t going to wear well.”

The Best Sweat Proof Summer Makeup And Skincare Routine

3. Drink Lots Of Water 

Just as beauty comes from within, so does sweat proof makeup. “Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated really helps,” Follert says. Make sure you bring a water bottle everywhere, so you can drink up throughout the day. One of our favorites? Sipping Vital Proteins Collagen Water™ for ultimate hydration. Available in Lemon Slice, Strawberry Lemon, Blueberry Mint, Peach White TeaLemon Ginger and Blackberry Hibiscus, our Collagen Water™ contains 10g of collagen in every serving. Plus, it boasts 3g of sugar or less per bottle and is free of gluten, dairy, artificial flavors and sweeteners. How about that for a refreshing treat!

4. End With A Finishing Spray

Once you’ve applied your makeup for the day, Follert recommends setting it in place with a spritz or two of finishing spray. This will help keep it in place and looking fresh even if you’ve been chilling at the beach all day. “Skin mists can also help keep the skin fresh and hydrated without absorbing all the makeup,” she adds.

The Best Sweat Proof Summer Makeup And Skincare Routine

5. Go With A Fresh Face 

Although it might not be everyone’s favorite move, going with a fresh no-makeup makeup look is a great option on a hot day, says Follert. The lighter you keep your makeup, the less chances there are of having it melt away throughout the day.


6. Avoid Powders

Spring and summer are also known as the season of liquids and creams. “I would avoid using any powder foundations or anything really powdery because that doesn’t wear well,” says Follert. BB and CC creams are great options, too, but any light liquid will work.

7. Skip the Waterproof Products

When you think sweat, you naturally want to reach for waterproof products, but Follert actually recommends skipping them. “I find that waterproof mascara in the heat can dissipate,” she says. “I would just go with a regular long-lasting mascara. In my opinion, waterproof products don’t work that great in extreme heat and sweat.”

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