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These Summer Beauty Hacks Can Help You Beat The Heat

While summer 2020 is shaping up to look mighty different, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: the heat. We enlisted the help of beauty experts, who shared their favorite summer beauty hacks with Lively.

The summer forecast is in and we’re predicting that you’ll be looking scorching hot this summer thanks to these tips.

The Best Summer Beauty Hacks

summer beauty hacks

get ahead of frizz

Where there’s heat and sweat, there’s frizz. Since these two factors are pretty much inevitable come the summer, the best thing you can do is get ahead of it.

For this, Julien Farel, a celebrity hairstylist and owner of the Julien Farel Salon & Spa, recommends a de-frizz treatment that will take away frizz, not volume.

Another thing he recommends is simply braiding your hair during the day. Since the temperatures usually cool down at night, you should be safe to take it out then for some gorgeous, loose waves.

Haven’t had a chance to hit the salon yet? He says to cover up those overgrown roots with a cute headband or a loose, romantic ponytail tied with a scarf.

For those really hot days, you could use this trick by Kerry E Yates, a beauty expert and CEO of Colour Collective: “I will grab a cooling pouch and roll it up within a scarf that I tie around my neck or use to sweep the hair back.”

To get the best cooling effect, she says to be sure that the cooling pouch is positioned at the nape of the neck.

summer beauty hacks

change up your beauty products

“Use lightweight, water-based products which are oil free, non-comedogenic and waterproof to avoid smudging during sweating,” says Dr. Jyoti Gupta, a board certified (IADVL) dermatologist specializing in cosmetic, laser and hair transplant surgery.

“It’s a good idea to use a tinted sunscreen to avoid layering multiple products,” she adds.

Regardless of what makeup you use, you should always use a good setting spray to keep everything in place, says beauty influencer Jarry Lee. To make your makeup sweat-proof, she recommends “using a setting powder over your concealer and foundation and then setting the powder with a setting spray (she likes All Nighter from Urban Decay).

“It will make your makeup sweat-proof for 10+ hours! It won’t budge and it’s easy to touch up with powder.”

summer beauty hacks

apply products differently

In addition to changing up your beauty products, you should also change the way you apply them.

This will help you avoid that ‘cake face’ look and feel, which is what happens when your makeup isn’t blending with your skin properly, explains Pilar Miranda, a makeup artist and owner of Pilar's Vanity in New Orleans, LA. 

To avoid this, she says to apply your foundation in thin layers with oil control products. “Using an oil control foundation to counteract the humidity in the air reduces the amount of oil you have on your face before you even walk out of the house.”

summer beauty hacks

use facial mist keep your skin hydrated 

While guzzling down enough H2O will certainly benefit the skin, take things up a notch in the hydration department with a facial mist. This is especially important now that we’re going to be outside a lot more, says Sabrina Bradley, a licensed esthetician and owner of Skin by Sabrina. 

When looking for the right mist, she recommends one that is high in antioxidants, vitamin C and fruit enzymes. “These will have naturally occurring healing properties to give your skin that ‘summer glow,’” she says. 

You can reach those hydration goals with Vital Proteins Collagen Water. It comes in several delicious flavors, such as Peach White Tea and Strawberry Lemon.

summer beauty hacks

Use hair protectants

It’s not just your skin that you have to protect from the sun — it’s your hair, too. “The sun’s rays can be very damaging, causing dehydration and the color of your hair to change,” says Jordan Artistry, a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in makeup and hair.

A quick solution to keep your tresses healthy is to wear a hat. You should also look into getting a sun protective stylist product, she says.

Lastly, beat the heat — while still looking stylish — by playing around with different hairstyles.

“To keep cool, I suggest wearing hairstyles that keep hair up and out of your face,” she tells Lively. “My favorite hairstyles for summer are half up-half downs, sleek buns, and braided ponytails.”

summer beauty hacks

use baby powder to nix sweat, sand and chafing

Don’t let inner thigh chafing get in the way of summer fun.

Nix that uncomfortable feeling with baby powder, says makeup artist Nikki Goddard. You can use it elsewhere, too. Simply add it to areas irritated by sweat.

Spent a day at the beach? Goddard says that you can even use it to remove sand from your hair by adding it to your roots. From there, give everything a good shake. And you’re good to go!

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