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5 Surprising Foods You Didn't Know You Could Grill

Now that we're in the midst of grilling season, it's the perfect time to stray from the traditional burger and experiment with some different recipes and foods on the grill. From cheese to oranges, we've outlined a few unexpected ideas below that are sure to be a bit hit at your next gathering.

5 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Grill

foods you can grill

1. Cheese

I've always been a fan of cooking halloumi cheese on my grill or grill pan, but never really considered other cheeses. Camembert or Brie are two additional options that can be grilled and make for a perfect appetizer served alongside, bread, crackers or fruit. A foodie friend of mine also mentioned to me once that so long as the rind of parmesan cheese is solely cheese (no wax), you can pop it on the grill for a few minutes and eat it alone or on top of a bit of crusty bread.

2. Salad

A variety of fresh salads serve as a summer staple for many, but did you ever think you could grill your greens? Grilled Romaine Lettuce pairs beautifully with a bit of grated cheese like asiago or parmesan to offer a smoky and savory combination. You could also consider topping the grilled romaine lettuce halves with an array of foods like bacon, bleu cheese, corn, tomatoes, avocado or grilled chicken.

3. Cauliflower

If you often steam or roast your cauliflower, but are looking to shake it up, consider the grill. You can whip up delicious, grilled cauliflower steaks in about 10 minutes, which make for a great vegetarian option or served alongside an assortment of BBQ dishes like Lively's Burgers or Chicken Kebabs. You can also experiment with chopping the cauliflower into different variations, but of course, note that small florets will likely fall through the grill grate, so you’ll want to avoid that.

4. Bananas

Bananas probably don't often cross your mind when it comes to grilling, but they can make for a delicious dessert like these Grilled Bananas with Coconut  which only requires ripe bananas, sugar, milk, and a bit of shredded coconut. Or, you could opt for this Grilled Banana Split which is the perfect way to end an outdoor BBQ. Consider also whipping up some Iced Cocoa Caramel Collagen Lattes as we think this refreshing beverage could pair nicely with a grilled banana dessert.

5. Oranges

If you're searching or another out-of-the-box sweet course idea that's still easy to create, we suggest trying grilled oranges. With simply a little Grand Marnier, navel oranges, and vanilla ice cream, you can make these Grand Marnier Grilled Oranges, which offer a tasty combination of smokiness, creaminess and tartness.