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by grace gavilanes

ICYMI: We've found our Collagen Creamer's newest BFF: Vital Coffee Roasters! Our latest venture is a premium selection of Colombia-sourced coffee beans guaranteed to totally transform your morning routine.

Learn a little bit more about Vital Coffee, from how we source our world-class coffee beans to the roasting process (and everything in between).

What makes these coffee beans premium?

It all comes down to the level of care and attention given to these coffee beans before and during harvest. The beans we select are hand-picked and sorted so that only the ripest (read: premium) make it into our microlots.

vital coffee

What’s the selection and roasting process like?

We begin the selection process by testing coffee samples, which are sent by an importer. We then do a sample roast of each coffee and our team does a blind taste test. We rate our impressions of each coffee and make our final decision based on those results.

Roasting is the process of applying heat to the coffee bean to turn it from a hard green seed into the brown bean everyone is familiar with. Each coffee has its own unique recipe that we call a roast profile. It takes a series of test roasts to dial in the ideal roast profile and therefore the best taste. It is a process of roast, taste, and repeat until it’s perfect.

How long does a bag of Vital Coffee last for?

Once we finish the roasting process, we immediately seal our coffee in airtight bags to secure months-long freshness. For best taste and quality, we recommend enjoying our coffee within one month of opening it. 

Does Vital Coffee contain collagen?

No, our coffee beans do not contain collagen. But we do recommend pairing a cup of our coffee with our best-selling Collagen Peptides or Collagen Creamer (available in Mocha, Vanilla and Coconut flavors) for a boost to your day. 

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