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Everything You Need To Know About Vital Coffee

ICYMI: Coffee lovers can't stop sipping our Vital Coffee! Not only are these premium-sourced Colombian coffee beans the ultimate companion to Collagen Creamer™, but their aromatic, fruit-forward flavor profile is guaranteed to transform your morning routine.

Learn more about Vital Coffee, from how we source our coffee beans to the roasting process (and everything in between), by scrolling below.

Vital Roasters

What makes these coffee beans premium?

It all comes down to the level of care and attention given to these coffee beans before and during harvest. We work closely with our Colombian importer to ensure the beans we select are hand-picked and sorted so that only the ripest (read: premium) ones make it into our microlots.

Vital Roasters Coffee Beans

What’s the selection and roasting process like?

We begin the selection process by testing coffee samples locally in Chicago, after being shipped with care from our importer. Our Master Coffee Roaster inspects each batch to ensure it's set up to deliver the best possible flavor.

From there, our beans are weighed, measured and sent to our S35 Kestrel Coffee Roaster, a uniquely selected machine that not only brews the perfect blend, but operates with reduced greenhouse gas emissions (by up to 80%).

In terms of the process, roasting works by applying heat to the coffee bean to turn it from a hard green seed into the brown bean everyone is familiar with. It takes a series of test roasts to dial in the ideal roast profile and therefore the best taste. It is a process of roast, taste and repeat until it’s perfect.

Once it gets the stamp of approval, our coffee is bagged by hand and packaged for same-day freshness before it's sent to you!

How long does a bag of Vital Coffee last for?

Our top-notch team carefully seals your coffee in airtight bags to secure it for months-long freshness. Then, they package the bags with care and send them to you just before you're ready to enjoy your next brew.

Note: For best taste and quality, we recommend sipping our coffee within one month of opening the bag. 

Vital Roasters Coffee

Does Vital Coffee contain collagen?

No, our coffee beans do not contain collagen. However, they pair perfectly with our best-selling Collagen Peptides or Collagen Creamer™ (available in Mocha, Vanilla and Coconut flavors) for a boost to your day. 

Is It Ok To Add Collagen To Coffee?

"There have recently been questions about dissolving collagen supplements in hot beverages and how that might affect the collagen peptides. For example, some posts have suggested that collagen peptides will melt because of the heat causing them to lose their effectiveness in the body," says Daniel Jackson, Ph.D.

Referring to the peer-reviewed, scientific literature is the best way to get an objective answer: "First, it is important to note that few studies have addressed this question directly and until head-to-head, placebo-controlled human studies compare the effects of collagen peptides dissolved in cold liquids vs those dissolved in hot liquids, there won’t be a definitive answer," he says.

Furthering this point, he says, "While it’s still not clear how collagen peptides work, a handful of studies suggest the increased intake of certain amino acids (e.g. proline, hydroxyproline and glycine) may play a role, but there isn’t much literature to suggest that a complex, native protein structure (i.e. that might melt in hot liquid) is part of the mechanism of action."

When it comes to your collagen intake, coffee or not, it's important to be mindful of your unique makeup. In short, the benefits of collagen peptides may vary between individuals. That said, there is evidence from peer-reviewed clinical studies, which indicates that collagen peptides are bioavailable in humans and there is additional evidence that they can have beneficial effects for some people.

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