By: Grace Gavilanes

Coffee lovers, your day is about to get a whole lot brighter. We just added a new flavor to our Collagen Creamer product lineup: mocha! If you’ve already been adding our Collagen Creamers to your morning cup of coffee or are merely looking for a new dairy-free alternative, consider this latest offering.

What Makes Mocha Different from the Other Collagen Creamers?

Aside from its standout flavor, which is a perfect blend of chocolate and coffee, our Mocha Collagen Creamer is not any different from our vanilla, coconut and gingerbread creamers. In terms of health benefits, it stays true to its predecessors; all of our Collagen Creamers contain 10 grams of collagen per serving and are made from coconut milk. And because you're adding collagen to your diet, you may also experience a boost in hair, skin, nails and bone health with consistent use.

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collagen creamer

Who Would Enjoy This the Most?

Coffee drinkers who want to take their cup of joe to the next level! Also, baking enthusiasts who want to up their dessert game. Regardless, every user will be taking a step toward helping to promote collagen production. As we get older, our natural collagen production begins to decline. This is why using one (or more) of our products – like our Matcha Collagen and Bone Broth Collagen, to name two – has become a go-to for many.

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Keep your eyes peeled for future recipes on the blog using our Mocha Collagen Creamer. We promise you'll be able to make room in your stomach for the desserts we've dreamt up using our new creamer.