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Why You Should Try Our Sleep Collagen Shot

Enjoy the best sleep ever by incorporating our Sleep Collagen Shot into your nighttime routine. Currently available on for $36 per 12-pack, our Sleep Collagen Shot not only contains 7g of collagen peptides and 60mg of skin-loving hyaluronic acid – which is the case for all of our Collagen Shots – but also contains other purpose-driven functional ingredients like snooze-inducing melatonin, GABA and magnesium.

Let’s dive into those ingredients, shall we? 


Your brain produces melatonin, a natural hormone, to help promote sleep-wake cycles. It does this by putting you in a state of peaceful wakefulness hours before your bedtime, so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

Your body knows to release melatonin thanks to the sun, as the brain’s production of it is blocked or disrupted by light. Melatonin levels increase in the evening as it gets dark out. Inversely, levels drop in the morning when it is light out, helping you feel more relaxed before bed.

A lot of people naturally produce enough melatonin on their own, but for those who go more than two nights with difficulty falling asleep, there are steps you can take to help promote healthy levels. By making sure you get enough time in natural daylight and reducing light exposure before bed, you can help signal melatonin production to your brain. One way to do this is by taking walks outside during the day in bright sunlight and limiting screen time two hours before bed.


GABA is the body’s principal inhibitory neurotransmitter. It is responsible for pumping the brakes on our nerve impulses whenever we’re placed in less-than-ideal situations. A high level of GABA activity indicates a lower chance of overstimulation and a higher chance of feeling calm under pressure.

Interestingly enough, GABA receptors are also found in the hypothalamus, which is involved in sleep and emotional activity. 


While doctors and researchers stress the importance of our calcium and vitamin D intake, it can be easy for us to overlook one of the body’s most abundant minerals: magnesium. This nutrient is responsible for some of the body’s most important functions. It has a hand in converting food into energy, promotes bone health, helps with muscle movements and assists in regulating neurotransmitters, which relay messages to the brain. Magnesium is mostly found in our bones, muscles, soft tissues and blood. 

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