Collagen Shot

Sleep (12 ct)

Hair/Skin/Nails/Joints & Bones/Sleep

Keep on dreamin’. Nod off with a delicate blend of blueberry and lavender flavors brimming with function from 7g of collagen peptides and sleep-inducing ingredients, like melatonin, magnesium and GABA.
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benefits +

  • 7g collagen peptides: digested and absorbed by the body quickly for maximum benefits.
  • 60mg Hyaluronic Acid: supports skin hydration and elasticity
  • Melatonin, Magnesium, GABA: functional ingredients to support relaxation and a deep, restorative night’s sleep

supplement facts +

Supplement Facts

ingredients +

Collagen peptides (from bovine), hyaluronic acid (from sodium hyaluronate), magnesium citrate, GABA, melatonin, blueberry juice, lemon juice, lavender oil


how to use +

Consider adding to a bedtime routine to help support a healthy night’s sleep.

Why it's awesome
  • 7g collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and functional ingredients to support healthy hair, skin, nails, & joints
  • Conveniently packaged to add to your bedtime routine
  • No gluten, dairy, or added sugars

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A Vital Proteins Customer

Love these!

I have just finished my first box of these and they really work! I sleep so much deeper on the nights I take one of these shots and I wake up with my skin feeling softer and hydrated. Plus, the taste is great and I’m so happy there aren’t any additional sweeteners in this one. It would be nice if they were cheaper (so I could use them more frequently) but I highly recommend this product!

Ruth Ann

Pleasantly Surprised

I recently saw this on @vitalproteins instagram and my first thought was, it will taste awful. Have been struggling with sleep due to hormone issues. The Sleep Shot was at the check out at Whole Foods so thought should give it a try. I only took half bottle because I am petite. The taste was actually awesome; I do like tart flavors and the touch of blueberry was great. About 15 minutes after I was definitely sleepy and I had wonderful nights sleep without waking up. Have not done that in a very long time. Will be buying a case on my next Auto Ship of Collagen.

Julia Markova


I am hard to impress and, yet, am REALLY impressed with this product. The functional ingredient thoughtfulness (GABBA, Magnesium Citrate and Melatonin) was impressive but it was actually the taste that was AMAZING! I was prepared to wince (usually, everything is way too sweet for me) when drinking this.INSTEAD, I was over the moon with the deliciousness of completely unadulterated blueberry and citrus juice. This is what F-R-E-S-H tastes like! Bravo! As to the sleep quality.... This is a bit more complicated to evaluate. In general, I sleep very well (I am a busy Mom and a biz owner so I am exhausted by the time I hit the pillow...). This did make me noticeably drowsy just 10 minutes after intake. In the end, it actually resulted in lighter, more delicious sleep for me. What was more interesting, however, is that I was noticeably more relaxed the following day (and I tend to be a highly productive but highly anxious Type A person). This was... kind of AWESOME. I have just ordered a case (originally, I bought a single bottle from Whole Foods just to taste).


Part of my daily routine now!

After years of struggling with not only falling asleep, but staying asleep, I have found something THAT WORKS for me!!! I fall asleep quickly and wake up rested with zero “sleep hangover”. I highly recommend giving this a try! The taste is a bit tart, but after you’ve had It a few times, it’s not noticeable!


Vital Proteins Sleep Collagen Shot

I was skeptical of these shots but did purchase one at my local Whole Foods to try. Honestly, it does have a bit of a tart taste but not unbearable and I only consumed half the bottle to try for the first time. 15-20 mins after taking the yawning started and that was it for me. My head hit the pillow and this morning I am feel extremely relaxed & well rested. Thank you Vital Proteins for helping me catch some well rest amazing Zzzz