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Brighter Mornings Are Ahead With Morning Get Up & Glow™

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Another day, another epic collagen product launch! Our latest is energy and beauty in a tub, aptly titled Morning Get Up & Glow™. Available in a collagen-based powder and plant-based capsules, this energy-boosting morning staple is every beauty fan’s dream come true! Intrigued? We caught up with our Education Coordinator, Olivia Peláez, for a full breakdown of Morning Get Up & Glow — a must-have for brighter mornings. Keep reading to learn more.

Lively: Morning Get Up & Glow is here! What makes you excited about this new product launch?

Olivia Peláez: I’m SO excited about the launch of our Morning Get Up & Glow product! It is such a unique product that has become a staple of my morning routine. I love that the powder version not only provides me with my morning boost of caffeine (It’s from Coffeeberry® fruit extract!), probiotics and vitamin C for immune support, but it also offers collagen to support my hair, skin and nails.** The orange flavor is delicious just mixed in with water or blended into a smoothie. Similar to the powder version, the capsules are a super convenient way to get 90mg of caffeine and 600% DV vitamin C. Both products also offer hyaluronic acid for skin hydration and biotin for added beauty benefits!** 

morning get up and glow powder

L: Can you give us a quick breakdown of this product? 

OP: Definitely! Morning Get Up & Glow was designed to be your go-to product to jumpstart your day. Each serving (both powder and capsules) offers 90mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to one cup of coffee, sourced from Coffeeberry® extract. This standout ingredient not only delivers standardized levels of caffeine but also uniquely provides naturally-occurring coffee polyphenols. You’ll also find biotin and hyaluronic acid for beauty from within. The key differentiator between the two is that the powder version includes 10g of collagen for hair, skin and nail health as well as probiotics for digestive health.** The capsules, which skip the collagen and probiotics, are a convenient, plant-based option to incorporate into your morning wellness routine. 

morning get up and glow

L: Can you take this product with other VP products?

OP: Absolutely! While we typically recommend 20g of collagen per day, we’ve developed our Collagen Calculator™ for those who want a more personalized recommendation tailored to their needs. Using information like your age, sex and protein diet, our proprietary on-site equation helps to determine your recommended daily collagen intake.

L: What sets this product apart from other "energy boost" products on the market and in our other products?

OP: MGUG is a one-of-a-kind product that not only offers sustainably-sourced caffeine for a boost of energy, but also beauty-boosting ingredients biotin and hyaluronic as well as immune-boosting vitamin C.** The MGUG powder takes it a step further and incorporates collagen for hair, skin and nail support and probiotics for digestive health.** The addition of collagen really is a game changer. How’s that for an epic combo? 

L: What does your morning routine look like? 

OP:My morning typically starts around 6:30 a.m. when I wake up and start a workout. Once I’m finished getting a good sweat in, I like to have my morning coffee with our Original Collagen Peptides and take some time to meditate and journal to clear my mind before tackling the day. Lately, I’ve been loving having MGUG mixed into my morning smoothie, which also contains kale, strawberries and bananas, as an extra pick-me-up! 

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