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The Benefits of Blue Green Algae

by olivia pelaez - October 05, 2019

Blue green algae (BGA) are a form of cyanobacteria that include species like chlorella and spirulina. Coined the ‘most nutrient-dense food on the planet,’ BGA has been consumed for centuries in many countries around the world.

Spirulina is a nutritional powerhouse boasting a 60%-70% protein content and numerous other nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium and essential amino acids. Not only is spirulina considered a complete source of high-quality protein, but it also has a highly absorbable form of iron** that makes it a fan-favorite among vegans and vegetarians.

The Benefits of Blue Green Algae

The Benefits of Blue Green Algae

Another key benefit of BGA is that it acts as a chelating agent in the body to remove toxins like heavy metals**. Think of spirulina working like a magnet. It binds to toxins and may aid the body in their excretion. One study found that supplementing with 500mg of spirulina daily combined with zinc supplementation was enough to reduce arsenic toxicity by almost half!** 

One of the easiest ways to incorporate BGA into your diet is through Spirulina capsules. We offer our own vegan Spirulina capsules, which serves as a great source of nutrition anyone can benefit from.** Our Spirulina capsules can be taken daily with a glass of water or can be deconstructed and added to a latte

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