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There’s a fruity new Collagen Water™ on the block – and it’s ripe & ready for sipping!

Our NEW Peach White Tea Collagen Water™ is making the transition from summer to fall oh-so easy (and tasty) thanks to the refreshing burst of flavor it delivers with every sip, made possible by peach juice concentrate, lemon juice, white tea extract and monk fruit extract. There are also 10g of bovine-sourced collagen and 3g of sugar in every serving to truly elevate your hydration game. How's that for peachy?

If you prefer to use your Collagen Water™ for something other than as an on-the-go essential, check out this recipe for Peach Iced Tea.

peach iced tea

Peach Iced Tea

Yields 1 serving of Peach Iced Tea



  1. Muddle peach slices in a glass.
  2. Add ice then pour Collagen Water™.
  3. Top off with more peach slices and mint. Enjoy! 

Talk about a splash! Stock up on your soon-to-be favorite way to stay hydrated this season. Visit to order yours today.

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