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A Day in the Life of Influencer Marketing Relationship Manager Roxy Wasiunec

Welcome to The Vital Life, where we spotlight Vital Proteins employees. This week, Influencer Marketing Manager Roxy Wasiunec gives us an inside peek at her work day.

the vital life

I once saw a meme on Instagram that read "people who work out before work really have their lives together" and I couldn’t help but laugh (in a good way) at the fact at how UNTRUE that was! Although I do wake up at 5:30am to go to Sculpt most mornings, I still feel like my life is a total work in progress. 

A typical day or week, for yours truly, is all about balance. If I’m lucky, I'll muster up the energy to work out at 6am. After class, I shower and lie in bed for about 20 minutes (I know I know, I should really just stay up and use those 20 minutes to get ready but hey, I'd rather lie in bed mentally preparing for the day ahead!) Once those 20 minutes are up, I make my celery juice, finish getting ready for work and head on out. 

celery juice

Once at work, I pour myself a strong cup of Vital Coffee with a scoop of the Collagen Peptides! Being an Influencer Marketing Manager, my days tend to vary! Whether I'm scheduling talent for an upcoming event, coming up with a new social strategy for campaigns, or thinking up new and creative mailings, my day is never boring!

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Once I get home from work, I normally take about 30 minutes to reflect back on the day. I lie on the couch in silence — no music, TV or social media. Just me and my thoughts. I love doing this because it helps clear my mind and allows me to actually rest in the evenings. 

After that, my fiancé and I will cook a Paleo dinner and pour ourselves a glass of wine — we hear it's good for heart health.

chicago supply co

Being somewhat of an entrepreneurial person, my brain literally never shuts off. I’m always thinking up new ideas or working on my side hustle, Chicago Supply Co. Chicago Supply Co. is a local Chicago clothing company that bridges the gap between Chicago culture and fashion with a vintage flare! 

After a few hours of side hustle work, I love, love, love to get a good stretch in and settle in for a couple episodes of Schitt's Creek and follow it up with a Sleep Collagen Shot, which contains snooze-inducing ingredients melatonin, magnesium and GABA. A restful night's sleep is always a shot away for me.

Photos: Courtesy of Roxy Wasiunec