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Courtney King Offers A Peek Inside Her #WellnessFromHome Routine

Let’s talk about #wellnessfromhome. We’re all living in this reality that we didn’t choose and we’re doing the best we can, given quarantine. This is a time we can use to really tap into ourselves – body and mind! To me, wellness means taking care of just that… your physical and mental health!

Spending time at home or slowing down from our normal reality I think has done many of us good. We’ve have had to adapt to change, make things work that are out of our comfort zone and try new things. I’m someone who really thrives on structure and when I feel that’s out of balance, I get a bit anxious. I felt all over the place during the first half of quarantine, but I quickly got into a groove and routine that I feel good about! Here are some things I’ve done to incorporate #wellnessfromhome into my daily routine.

courtney king wellness from home

Courtney King: What Wellness Means To Me 

Let’s start with the mental aspect of what wellness means to me. I’ve heard the saying, “where your mind goes, your body follows,” and boy has that been true! Like I mentioned before, I had a lot of anxiety and internal stress I was dealing with a few weeks back. This played a big role in my overall physical health as I was constantly fatigued, worn down, restless at night and not eating great – until I had enough. I started with journaling every morning and writing down my daily intentions and what I wanted to practice for the day.

Here’s an example: “I want to focus on being more present and spend less time on social media” — I also started to include daily guided meditation to slow my mind down. This has helped me so much as I don’t feel all the anxiety as I did before! I also like to write down my schedule! Things I need to get done that day, things I want to do for myself and overall finding the balance to help with our mental state!

courtney king wellness from home

Staying Active

#Wellnessfromhome also means moving that body! I make time for myself to include a daily walk/jog and killer at-home workout! Just because we can go to the gym or our favorite spin class doesn’t mean we have to stop moving! This is about adapting to change! I feel so much better when I move my body; it’s a form of self-care to me! Working towards my goals and performance makes me feel great from the inside out. A product that I am absolutely loving is the Vital Performance™ RECOVER drinks! 

It’s loaded with EAAs and BCAAs that assist in protein muscle synthesis,** L-glutamine – which is an amino acid used to help support the immune system, gastrointestinal integrity neurological activity and muscle protein synthesis** — as well as 20g Collagen Peptides to help support muscle, tendon, ligament and joint health.** This has been such a great addition to my sweaty, at-home HIIT sessions.

courtney king wellness

Getting In Those Nutrients

Eating whole, nutrient-dense foods as well as supplementing has been huge for me during this time! It’s always important to take care of our immune system as keeping our body’s engine running strong is VITAL! I make sure I’m eating foods my body needs to keep the engine running at full capacity! I love to include a lot of dark leafy greens, healthy proteins, fat and complex carbs! A brand-new product VP just launched is the Vital Proteins Vitality™ Immune Booster**! It comes in two different flavors – Orange and Lemon Grape – and so easy to use. Just pour and mix!

It’s usually the simple things like moving your body, keeping a positive mindset and giving your body the nutrients and vitamins, it needs to stay strong and healthy! I hope you’re all staying safe and can implement some of my #WellnessFromHome suggestions into your daily routine!