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13 Ways To Make Your Space More Relaxing

Since we’re all spending more time indoors, why not add a few subtle changes to help make your space more tranquil and soothing? After all, when your living environment is calm and peaceful, you can be too! Check out these interior designers’ suggestions, which are sure to help make your home a relaxing sanctuary.

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Devin Shaffer, Decorilla's Affordable Interior Design Expert:

1. Switch up your lighting

Being able to control your environment is what helps create a space you'll never want to leave. Enter the Philips Hue line of bulbs and lightstrips. I love how this smart lighting option offers full control to the user. For example, you can host a Zoom happy hour from their savvy app complete with neon light flashes to up the fun factor, and once the party is over, instantly switch to a serene blue ambience that will help give you a restful night's sleep! I also love that with each holiday, a new collection of light combinations become available — I'm eagerly waiting to see this year's 4th of July display!

2. Invest in a sound machine

Second to lighting is sound, and with much more time indoors, we're all learning how to manage the sounds of our unique living conditions. Above any other sound machine, I've found the YogaSleep Dohm to be the most natural white noise creator. It may not be the most beautiful nightstand accessory, but its rhythms and quality are beyond any other brand out there.

3. Keep a journal on your nightstand

Now onto a more aesthetically pleasing nightstand accessory. One of my top picks is a journal, particularly the Moleskine Volant journal. Journaling is a very personal part of someone’s life and I find the color collections at Moleskin to be inspiring in the sense that you can give the selection a quick glance and seem to know right away which color is speaking to you. Leave one on your nightstand and top off the day by jotting down any thoughts or inspiring mantras.

4. Get a zen bath mat

Not ready to undergo a bathroom renovation? The river rock floor mat is an affordable option to have a spa-like, zen experience in your bathroom without investing in actual flooring. With several stone options, it's easy to find a color that goes well with your bathroom decor. 

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Megaan Pelaar, Realtor and Interior Designer:

5. Add more indoor plants

Having plants in your space literally gives you fresh air and helps you feel more connected to nature. Easy-to-grow succulents are a great place to start and you can figure out which plants will grow best in your own natural light by doing a little research online.

6. Take control of clutter

Too much clutter can make you feel anxious and uneasy. Use boxes and baskets to hide clutter and also make bookshelves, floorspaces or surfaces look organized. With many of us working from home, you need to be able to put things away and create multi-functioning spaces, so it can’t hurt to have a few stylish storage options on hand.

7. Incorporate crystals

There is a lot of research out there tied to how crystals can provide very healing and calming vibrations, but aside from that, they are simply a beautiful way to offer up some good vibes and sparkle to your space. I love shopping at my local rock shop On The Rocks in Andersonville. Etsy also has some great vendors and here is one of my favorites. 

8. Stock up on pillows

Make your space cozy and comfy with seasonal pillow changes. Target always has the best seasonal pillows — my favorite line is their Opal House series. I also love buying their outdoor pillows as they’re durable and usually have bright, fun prints.

9. Try different seating options

Finally, I like using poufs or large pillows for extra seating and when I just feel like sitting on the floor will help me feel more grounded. Here's a super cute pouf I’m loving from World Market. 

soothing spaces

Deisi Vazquez, Interior Designer and Art Director for HGTV's Restored: 

10. Play ambient videos

We literally switched all the TVs to Smart TVs recently and have ambient videos playing constantly throughout the house such as Netflix’s fireplace for your home or this relaxing coral reef video on YouTube. Amazon Prime also has a few great, soothing options like divine beaches, Pacific Ocean rains and calming sights & sounds.

11. Cozy up with soft blankets

We’ve been spending a lot of nights outside by our propane gas firepit playing backgammon and having virtual cocktail parties with our friends. One of our musts for outdoor time is soft, warm blankets. There are so many wonderful options and I’m particularly loving Ugg’s collection such as this Polar Throw Pillow and Blanket Gift Set or the Cameron Knit Reversible Throw Blanket.

12. Light candles

My mood is affected by smells, so you’ll often find me burning candles that I love. Two of my go-to favorites include Yankee Candle’sSun & Sand and Tyler Candle’s French Market.

13. Designate a particular area for tranquil activity

I have a space designated as a meditation/prayer room that I sit in where my must-haves include singing bowlssage, crystals, incense, prayer candles and a journal. It might sound cliché, but if you put these types of things in one space, then it calls to you to come sit, reflect and relax. I also put many pictures of my passed loved ones in there and if feels like an amazing, safe area that is full of love.

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