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Get the Abs of Your Dreams by Following These 4 Tips

By this point, you’re probably well aware that washboard abs are only accomplished by incorporating a cleaner diet and regular gym visits to your daily schedule. It’s quite the commitment but one that’s worth all the sweat and grunting once results start kicking in.

Feeling stronger with every passing day but still not seeing much of a physical difference? We feel your pain. And you’re in luck. We caught up with Life Fitness Master Trainer Michele Sotak, who offered up 4 of her foolproof tips to combat the frustration that comes with hidden abs.

Turns out it all comes down to tweaking your daily routine, from improving your posture to sleeping at an earlier time.

Michele Sotak's Daily Tips for Stronger Abs

Put Your Shoulders Back

“Maintain good posture throughout the entire day, which gives the illusion of appearing slim,” she says.

Focus on Your Muscles During Workouts

Think of it as an additional workout on your abs when at the gym. “Keep muscles engaged and breathe during exercises,” advises Sotak.

Combat Stress

It’s easier said than done but leading a life (or a few days of week) that’s stress free should be priority. “Minimize stress to decrease cortisol levels, which impacts the waistline,” says Sotak.

Head to Bed Earlier Than Usual

Getting sleep is important for workout recovery and to regulate energy levels. Think of it this way: you’ll be more likely to exercise the following day if you’re well-rested and less groggy than you would be if you fell asleep at a much later time the night before.

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