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Ab Workouts in Bed: The Sleepy Girl's Guide to a Stronger Core

Some days, gym workouts can be so productive that your abs could win an award for outstanding effort. And then there are days when you lie in bed having an argument with yourself about whether or not to skip the gym. We've all been there. No one has a perfect workout-week every week. But there are still ways to get exercises in even on the laziest of lazy days.

Consider these ab workouts in bed your saving grace. You'll be making your core scream in the comfort of your own bedroom. 

Basic Crunch

After a good morning stretch, clasp your hands behind your head. Bend your knees with feet flat on the bed. Crunch up and down.

Legs Up the Wall

Twirl yourself around to face your headboard. Scoot your hips towards the headboard. Stretch your legs straight up the wall with your rear end against the headboard. Crunch your torso up and down.

Bicycle Off the Edge of the Bed

Face the side of your bed. Lie down with your rear end at the very edge of the bed. Clasp your hands behind your head. Take your right elbow to your left knee as your right leg straightens out off the edge of the bed. Rotate left elbow to right knee with the left leg straight. Go back and forth.

Lower and Lift

Lie down with your head on your pillow and feet straight up in the air. With legs together, lower them down to a 45-degree angle. Using your core, lift your legs back to 90°.

Squeeze the Pillow

Take the pillow out from under your head. Lie back down and bend your knees with feet flat on the bed. Put the pillow in between your thighs. Crunch up and down while squeezing the pillow with your thighs.

Pass the Pillow

With legs straight up in the air, put the pillow in between your ankles. Lower the legs to a 45° angle towards the bed. Then, pull the pillow towards your face. Grab the pillow your hands and reach it above your head as your legs again go back down towards the bed. Pass the pillow back and forth as your body moves in an open and close motion.

Abs are the one muscle group you can work every day. So on lazy days when your bed wins the argument, still get in a core workout with these fast abs exercises.

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