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The Exercise Gear Jennifer Lopez's Trainer Says You Need

How much money should you invest in your fitness journey? If you ask celebrity trainer David Kirsch, he’ll assure you that a fancy membership is not needed to kickstart your goals. Instead, you should focus on finding a specific set of exercise gear for all your workout needs.    

“There are four things you’ll want to get, and they’re all under $100,” he tells Lively.

See which fitness products Kirsch – who’s developed workout routines for Jennifer Lopez, Kate Upton and Kerry Washington, among other A-listers – recommends we all keep in our home gyms. They may appear like easy options, but used correctly, they’ll provide the total-body sweat session we’ve all been craving.

Trainer David Kirsch's Exercise Gear Picks

Stability Ball

How will a stability ball upgrade your workout routine? Let us count the ways, err, exercises.

Moves You Can Try: overhead ball squat, tricep dip, knee tucks and balance push-up.

Medicine Ball

Unlike a stability ball, medicine balls have a softer outer shell, making it ideal for throwing exercises.

Moves You Can Try: lunge with twist, single-leg squat, weighted superman and shoulder press.

Hand Weights

Go beyond bicep curls with hand weights. Try these out-of-the-box exercises.

Moves You Can Try: bench press, straight-arm pullover, seated shoulder press and dead lift.

Exercise Mat

Mats aren’t just for yogis and Pilates fanatics. You’ll want to use an exercise mat for back support when firing up your glutes, abs and other muscle groups.

Moves You Can Try: weighted donkey kick, lateral leg lift, hamstring curl and bridge.

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